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Hearthstone – Goblins vs Gnomes Review: Class Cards

In this post, we look at the Class specific cards in Hearthstone’s Goblins vs Gnomes. We will look at what decks they fit into now and what other decks they can make. It is interesting that every class have (or will have) a card to interact with mechs.

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As a reminder, these are my ideas and is written before the set is fully released. Times will reveal the truth.
Arena cards are either: top pick, above average, average, below average, or don’t pick.
Constructed are either: staple playable, tech card, build around or underplayed.



arobocubAnodized Robo Cub (2) (2/2) Mech
Taunt, Choose One – +1 Attack; or +1 Health.
Constucted: Playable
Arena: Top Pick

Druid has a tendency to have the best minion stats for their cost. For example Druid of the Claw is strictly better than Fen Creeper. Likewise Robo Cub beats out River Croc, Bloodfen Raptor and Frostwolf Grunt. I don’t see it being played in ramp druid because they don’t really want to play two drops. It might see play in aggro / token druid as just being a solid two drop. In arena, it is a top pick 2 drop for Druid.


Dark Wispers (6)
Choose One – Summon 5 Wisps; or Give a minion +5/+5 and Taunt
Constructed: Underplayed
Arena: Below Average

What a great moment in Warcraft lore, but what a meh card. Think, in what situation do you want 5 wisps? Are you setting up for Savage Roar? Well you just told your opponent your plan, so they are just swipe all them Wisps away. Power of the Wild does give you 5 2/2 wisps for 8 mana, which is not bad. But I don’t think that is game changing enough to warrant 8 mana. The buff side is like playing a 5/5 with Charge and Taunt, given that you can attack with the minion you buffed this turn. That is not bad, but you just made your minion susceptible to both Big Game Hunter and Black Knight, which are heavily played right now. Also buffs are minion reliant. I can see this card was made with Token Druid in mind as their finisher. But I don’t think it brings enough to the table with that mana cost. In arena, it is meh, shouldn’t rely on buffs and you don’t need 5 1/1.

druidfangDruid of the Fang (5) (4/4)
Battlecry: If you have a Beast, transform this minion into a 7/7
Constructed: Staple (Beast Tribal)
Arena: Below Average (Better depending on deck)

It is interesting to see Beast synergy in a class that is not Hunter. The effect of this card is nice, creating a huge body for 5. This card needs its own deck since most current Druid decks don’t run any beast outside of Haunted Creeper and Call of the Wild. Perhaps a ramp Druid that is going to focus on ramping out big Beasts (even through the best Beasts are Hunter only) or a Savage Roar Druid that is going to run Jungle Panther and Stranglethorn Tiger. In arena, it is a pick depending on how many Beasts you have in your deck.

Grove Tender (3) (2/4)
Choose One – Give each player a Mana Crystal or Each player draws a card.
Constructed: Staple (Ramp)
Arena: Average (Deck Dependent)

The fact that this card gives a benefit to both players, doesn’t make it a bad card. A ramp druid deck will make better use out of the mana crystal. Imagine coining Wild Growth on turn 1. Turn 2 you know have 3 mana, play this card, gain a mana crystal. And then on turn 3 you have 5 mana crystals. The card draw effect is a plus for when you are capped at mana. Of course, it sucks to give your opponent a draw but when you are behind, you need that card draw. In arena, the grade of this card is dependent on how many high cost minions you have. Druid do tend to have high cost cards, and if your deck have many high cost cards, the Mana Crystal will benefit you more. And drawing is always good.

malorneMalorne (7) (9/7) Beast
Deathrattle: Shuffle this minion into your deck.
Constructed: Underplayed (Future Potential)
Arena: Average

So strong for the cost, which as we know by now, is Druid’s thing. The effect also isn’t that great since you may never draw this card again after it’s deathrattle effect. So this minion’s effect gets better the longer the game goes on. Other than helping you outlive a fatigue war, it doesn’t really do much. It doesn’t have Taunt or anything to stabilize against aggressive deck. It doesn’t do anything on the board. To abuse it, you must build a Control Druid deck that can get to the fatigue level of games. This usually only occur in control vs control decks as well. So the meta has to be right for it. This card has a lot of factors keeping it from being very prevalent. In arena, it is okay. Stats are great but having no immediate effects hold it back.

mechbearcatMech – Bear – Cat (6) (7/6) Mech
Whenever this minion takes damage, add a Spare Part card to your hand.
Constructed: Maybe Playable
Arena: Top Pick

A great card because you can get Spare Parts multiple times and get massive value and utility. You could construct a deck that can take advantage of this effect with Wild Pyromancer but I think it is enough to even if you get 2 Spare Parts from it. It is important to note that Blizzard made sure to give this 7 attack so that it can be completely counter with Big Game Hunter. In arena, this is an awesome rare for Druid to pick up. In constructed, it will go into the ramp druid deck, but the threat of being Big Game Hunter is big. You don’t want to put so many resources into ramping out a big guy just to get it pick off by Big Game Hunter. To really put it into a ramp Druid deck, you want all your minions to have 7 or more attack. But since the Ancients are so good, that is probably not going to happen.

recycle Recycle (6)
Shuffle an enemy minion into your opponent’s deck.
Constructed: Staple
Arena: Above Average (Max 1)

Druid finally got their hard removal card (No, Poison Seed is not hard removal). And yes, even through you didn’t destroy the minion, this is hard removal. That is because you efficiently removed it from the field. It is in the deck, but the opponent might never draw it again. It does cost more than Assassinate but it also doesn’t trigger Deathrattle. Siphon Soul, a 6 cost removal from Warlock, sees play, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this card doesn’t see play. In arena, hard removal is always good. I would play this over Starfire, since outright removal is more versatile. You expect an expensive spell to remove a big minion and sometimes Starfire doesn’t cut it.

Tree of Life (9)
Restore all characters to full Health.
Constructed: Underplayed (Future Potential)
Arena: Don’t Pick

All characters means Heroes as well, meaning your opponent and yourself are brought back to full health. It is very easy to dismiss this card because it is essentially play 9 mana to do nothing to the board state. But this is a card for a Control Druid to stabilize after placing down some Taunts. Perhaps afterwards they finish the game with Alexstrasza and Force of Nature/Savage Roar. For now, this card is unplayable but I wouldn’t be surprise if someone finds a way to break this powerful effect. In arena, you need cards that give you a board control. Maybe you can use this as a trick if the opponent tries to race you. But you really rather focus on other cards. Don’t pick this.
As an interesting note, if used in conjunction with Auchenai Soulpriest, you will do damage with it. =)


callpetCall Pet (2)
Draw a card. If it’s a Beast, it cost (4) less.
Constructed: Unplayable (Future Potential)
Arena: Below Average

Using some quick math, I have found that about 1/3 for all the beasts are 4 mana and above. So you want to get value out of this card, you would have to put a lot of expensive beast in your deck. That is risky because they would be awkward to play without this card. It still isn’t that bad if the beast is less than 4 mana because a 2 drop for free is just breaking even and a 3 drop for free is still a discount. Yet, realistic a Hunter deck is not full of Beasts. They have traps, spells that summon beasts and non-beasts like Undertaker and such. It really needs to be in a Zoo beast deck, but for now that is not possible. But as more Beasts get made… maybe. For arena, the only reason why I didn’t put it down as don’t pick (since you can’t depend on having a lot of beast), is because at least, you can use it late game to just thin out your deck and draw a card.

cobrashot Cobra Shot (5)
Deal 3 damage to a minion and the enemy hero.
Constructed: Underplayed
Arena: Below Average

The interesting thing is this card scales with spell power in both removal and damage to hero. But I don’t think it is that great due to its high mana cost. In an aggressive deck, the damage is too small for removal to gain tempo or get through taunt (unless you are facing another aggro deck). In a control deck, you rather play Explosive Shot that deals more damage. In arena, it doesn’t do enough for removal.

feigndeathFeign Death (2)
Trigger all Deathrattles on your minions.
Constructed: Playable (One of in Undertaker) / Staple (Deathrattle Control)
Arena: Don’t Pick

It is cheap and triggers the effects of all your Deathrattles without losing the units. This can range from anything from creating a 4/4 from Neubrian Egg or Mind Controlling any enemy unit from Sylvanas. It is a powerful combo card but is it going to make it into the current Undertaker Hunter? The current decklist runs Leper Gnome, Webspinner, Haunted Creeper, Mad Scientist and Savanna Highmane. Really the only cards you want to use Feign Death with is Mad Scientist and Highmane, which is only 4 cards out of a 30 card deck. So we might see Feign Death a one-of in those decks. But it would be better to construct a more midrange or control Hunter that uses bigger Deathrattles, like Sylvanas or even the new Sneed’s Old Shredder. In arena, of course, since you aren’t going to have as many Deathrattles, you shouldn’t pick it.

Gah’zrilla (7) (6/9) Beast
Whenever this minion takes damage, double its Attack.
Constructed: Underplayed / Build Around
Arena: Above Average

HAIL HYDRA! A very fun card to play with. I am sure there are going to be Youtube videos about how big it gets. But other than the fun part is this card good? To judge that lets look at the stats first. 6 attack means it can dodge Big Game Hunter. However the opponent can just find a way to do some damage to it, double its attack and then Big Game Hunter it. Otherwise, its health allows it to reasonably kill two minions and survive Ragnaros and Giants. However, its effect is not impactful when it hits the field. Other than the body, it is not going to get immediate card advantage and that is very important for late game legendries. Statswise it is awesome and I can see the Call Pet deck slowly becoming a real thing now. Meanwhile, it is just another good card you can get out of Webspinner.

Glaivezooka (2) (2/2) Weapon
Battlecry: Give a random friendly minion +1 Attack
Constructed: Underplayed
Arena: Above Average
It is a weak card for constructed when you compare it to Eaglehorn Bow. 2 attack isn’t good enough to kill important early game threats like Undertaker, or Harvest Golem. You can’t get through Voidwalker either. Unless more 3/2 minions are being played, it is not great card. The battlecry is small upside. In arena, weapons are great for gaining tempo and can help make trades. And it is a common too.

kingbeast King of Beast (5) (2/6) Beast
Taunt. Battlecry: Gain +1 Attack for each other Beast you have.
Constructed: Playable (Tribal)
Arena: Average (Deck Dependent)

To make this card comparable to Druid of the Claw, there has to be 2 other Beasts on the field. That isn’t too hard to get. It fits very well in the Beast tribal deck that is starting to come into shape. It just doesn’t fit a super aggressive Hunter deck. But that is okay, you have to be open to new decks. In arena, it is an okay pick that I wouldn’t be sad about. Of course, it is better the cards you have.

Metaltooth Leaper (3) (3/3) Mech
Battlecry: Give your other Mechs +2 Attack
Constructed: Staple (Tribal)
Arena: Average (Deck Dependent)

Great to see that Hunters are still not entirely give up their aggressive strategies. This card brings “Savage Roar” to Hunter mechs. I am excited to see the Hunter mech aggro decks that this will make. Also it is important to note that the buff doesn’t fall off at the end of the turn. In arena, 3/3 for 3 is typical. But if you have a good chunk of mechs, this card becomes insane! Dark Iron Dwarf is already highly prized because you can make great trades. And now this can do that for multiple units.

Steamwheedle Sniper (2) (2/3)
Your Hero Power can target minions.
Constructed: Staple (Control)
Arena: Above Average

It is a tool for a Control Hunter since you can now gain card advantage using your Hero power. It is comparable to Shadowform, a Priest card that allows Priest to deal 2 damage. Shadowform cost 3, making Sniper the cheaper card. However the Sniper can be removed since it is a minion. It is an interesting card that is going to create great gameplay options for the Hunter and tensions as opponents try their best to remove it. Get ready for slapping down Sniper and hero powering your own Gah’zrilla. For arena, a 2 drop that has an effect in later stages of the game when you can use your hero power often is just perfect.


echomedivhEcho of Medivh (4)
Put a copy of each friendly minion into your hand.
Constructed: Underplayed
Arena: Above Average

This is one of those crazy cards that is not as good as it seems. Let’s say in comparison to Arcane Intellect, since this card cost more, you need to draw (rounding up) 3 cards to make it mana efficient. In close game, it would be hard to have that many minions on the field. If you have that many minions, then you were probably winning and you just win more. If you are behind it, this card does nothing for you. The best case you use this and then trade all your minions for theirs that is a good way to gain card advantage, but since it cost so much you probably wouldn’t be able to play much afterwards. Also it isn’t easy to set up this card, since it cost so much. Duplicate is acceptable because of Mad Scientist and you can also just set up the secret the previous turn. In arena, I rather have an epic minion. But having card advantage does lead to wins. It is a fun card, but kinda dreamy.

flamecannonFlamecannon (2)
Deal 4 damage to random enemy minion
Constructed: Playable(Tempo)
Arena: Above Average

A comparison to Frostbolt must be made. I believe that Frostbolt is the better card because it scales into late game better. It can freeze stronger minions or go for the face. Flamecannon isn’t as flexible but having another 2 cost damage spell can lead to a strong tempo mage build. It also deals with stealth, sniping off stealth Auctioneer. This also boosts mage’s consistency in arena. Strong!

flameleviathanFlame Leviathan (7) (7/7) Mech
When you draw this, deal 2 damage to all characters
Constructed: Underplayed
Arena: Below Average

A new mechanic is introduced here, effect on draw. Since we can’t control when this effect triggers, I don’t see this card being good. Timing board clear is important, having it just randomly go off is not. Even in Freeze Mage, you don’t want to draw this card after your 1st Ice Block has been used and then lose the game. Its stats are just a baseline level, it is not like War Golem sees any play. In arena, it is better than a situational legendary, but it is still not that great.

goblinblastGoblin Blastmage (4) (5/4)
Battlecry: If you control a Mech, deal 4 damage randomly split among enemy characters.
Constructed: Staple (Mech Tribal)
Arena: Average (Deck Dependent)

So a 4 drop 5/4 is playable in arena but needs a good effect to be playable in constructed. And of course you want to be playing this in mech deck. And the effect is good because variance matters less in mage who has the directable hero power to deal with the variance. A good tempo mage card to deal with early aggro, but of course you have to make a mech deck and deal with RNG.

snowchuggerSnowchugger (2) (2/3) Mech
Freeze any character damaged by this minion
Constructed: Maybe Playable
Arena: Above Average

Interesting card. Water Element is amazing because of its stats and the ability to lock down other creatures and weapons. How useful is Water Elemental’s effect on a 2/3? Water Elemental is great for scaling into the late game because it can freeze higher cost minions like Carine or Ancient of War without dying. This minion doesn’t have that advantage, which is pretty important. However its advantage is that it comes down faster on curve. You can freeze other 2/3’s and then get a ping off next turn. You can also preemptively prevent a 4 drop weapon, by freezing the hero. This card is best suited for an aggressive Mage deck that is using Ice Lances. But I don’t think this card allow will make aggro/tempo mage competitive. I hope we can see more cards that have interactions with freeze. In arena, it is a 2 drop with some utility, which is exactly what you want for arena.

sootspewerSoot Spewer (3) (3/3) Mech
Spell Damage +1
Constructed: Staple (Mech Tribal)
Arena: Average (Deck Dependent)

As a mech, this card is solid for the tribal deck. You get the tribal theme, with a solid three drop body and the added spell damage. But I don’t it is enough to be played in a normal mage deck, as simply having the 3/3 body isn’t that great. You can make a spell damage heavy Mage deck, but without the super spells of the Rogue or Shaman, it isn’t very successful. Still an option. In arena, the spell power might be handy but it is probably just a normal 3/3 for 3.

unstableportUnstable Portal (2)
Add a random minion into your hand. It costs (3) less.
Constructed: Unplayable
Arena: Average

RNGesus take the wheel! Very fun card since it seems like you can even get other class cards. The card is like Innervate but you can’t control what card that discount applies too. It is also easy to get value, since you only need 3 mana or more minions to get the worth. But with the variance, it isn’t making constructed play. You are also potentially taking up your second turn to make something cheaper. In arena, it isn’t as bad. On turn 2, you have the potential to play a 3 cost minion. If you coined out Unstable Portal turn 2, you have the potential to play a 5 drop minion the next turn. This can completely swing the game in your favor. The randomness is more forgiving in the arena, making this not as bad as a card as I first thought.

Wee Spellstopper (4) (2/5)
Adjacent minions can’t be targeted by spells or Hero Powers.
Constructed: Underplayed / Tech (Potential One of)
Arena: Below Average

Spectral Knight is good because it has a solid body with this effect, so it is not that hard to see why it is good to give the untargetable effect to other minions. Considering the mage deck out there, this needs to be in a midrange Mage deck that has some sizeable minions that are worth getting this buff. Also, unlike Defender of Argus, this card doesn’t help when you need to trade minions, so it is only good in a spell heavy format. There is potential but I don’t think it is that great for its mana cost. I rather this effect be on a 2 drop. In arena, there isn’t is as many spell there so this just a weak 4 drop.


bolvarBolvar Fordragon (5) (1/7)
Whenever a friendly minon dies while this is in your hand, gain +1 Attack.
Constructed: Build Around / Unplayable
Arena: Below Average

An interesting legendary that rewards you to play and build a deck around it, which is cool design for a legendary card. Ideally, you have this card in your starting hand. So are you going to ditch your entire hand in order to draw into it? Probably not worth it. But let’s say it is in the opening hand, you need at least 3 minions to die to make it a 4/7, which we know is good stats, thanks to the existence of Feugen. That isn’t very hard with Paladin’s hero power and the new Muster for Battle. However, it is a bad card as you get later in the game since it takes time to build you and it is weak to silence, which is troublesome versus class. Overall, while I think it is a cool card and a neat legendary, it is not a competitive one. In arena, the late game issue of this card makes it a bad pick.

cobaltguardCobalt Guardian (5) (6/3) Mech
Whenever you summon a Mech, gain Divine Shield.
Constructed: Unplayable
Arena: Don’t Pick

To be clear, Cobalt Guardian gains Divine shield, not the mechs that you summon. While it has potential because you can create a powerful trading monster using the Divine Shield, it is not practical. If you play it on curve, it is vulnerable to being picked off since it doesn’t have Divine Shield yet, and only has 3 Health. Perhaps it would see some play with Mechwarper, but I don’t think it is very good. In arena, don’t pick it, it is not worth it since it can be kill just by some 2 drop.

Coghammer (3) (2/3) Weapon
Battlecry: Give a random friendly minion Divine Shield and Taunt.
Constructed: Staple (Build Around)
Arena: Above Average

A weapon already has an immediate effect because you can immediately attack but now thus has a battlecry. The battlecry is very strong on curve as you can give your two cost minion a Divine Shield for trading. This does help out Paladin’s early game but for the same reason why Shaman is not play Stormforged Axe, this card might not see play. That is because 2 damage is not enough in this meta of minions. Thus in constructed, this card needs some planning. You have to be abuse it on curve and for that most people are looking towards Ancient Watcher. Its powerful effects makes it possible to be able to see Construct play. In arena, being a weapon and granting a Divine Shield makes things good.

musterbatttleMuster for Battle (3)
Summon three 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits. Equip a 1 / 4 Weapon.
Constructed: Playable
Arena: Average

So this is a like 3 Hero Powers (6 mana) + Light’s Justice (1 mana) for a grand total of 3 mana. I like that deal. This is one of (and hopefully not the only) ways for Paladin to have a good early game presence. The weapon is comparable to having Rogue’s Hero power, since is useful in making trades or picking off spiders. It is also important to note that the squires will trigger the Sword of Justice before the sword is replaced the 1 / 4 weapon. It is a card I will look out for aggro paladins In arena, it is pretty useful in the early game but I wouldn’t pick too many for them, as it doesn’t scale very well into late game.

Quartermaster (5) (2/5)
Battlecry: Give your Silver Hand Recruits +2/+2
Constructed: Playable (Build Around)
Arena: Above Average

In the case you have only one Recruit on the field, you get a 3/3 and a 2/5 on the field, which is good for 5 mana. Any time with more Recruit, it is crazy. In the worst case, you have to use the hero power on the same turn that you play Quartermaster. 7 for a 3/3 and a 2/5 is not that great of course. But it is not uncommon to have 1 Recruit lying around. Definitely a card to watch out for (especially with Muster for Battle). In arena, you are even more likely to have Silver Hand Recruits lying around. You got to make sure to remove all Recruits know when playing against Paladin. Man, Paladin has very nice arena epics.

Scarlet Purifier (3) (4/3)
Battlecry: Deal 2 damage to all minions with Deathrattle.
Constructed: Tech / Build Around
Arena: Above Average

A paladin’s deathrattle hate card. It is a soft counter to Deathrattles since it doesn’t stop the Deathrattle from occurring, but rather removes the bodies of the Deathrattles. So it can pick off Leper Gnomes, and Mad Scientist for free. You also preemptive trigger the Neurbians Eggs and Haunted Creeper. Also you can use it to trigger your own eggs! So it is a nice card that serves as both tech and a build around. In arena, it has a 4/3 body which is great for a 3 drop and has a possible upside. Great!

Seal of Light (2)
Restore 4 Health to your hero and again +2 Attack this turn.
Constructed: Underplayed
Arena: Average

A good early game card for Paladin. It is a tool to get through aggressive starts but don’t get too excited. There are common early game minions that will have 3 health, for example, Voidwalker, Harvest Golem, a single buffed Undertaker. Unless the meta changes to favor 3/2 minions, this isn’t going to see much play. In arena, removal is good. 2 damage is very small but with the random assortment of trades that happen in this format, it is okay.

Shielded Minibot (2) (2/2) Mech
Divine Shield
Constructed: Staple (Mech Tribal) / Maybe Playable (Everything else)
Arena: Above Average

This has similar issues with Seal of Light. 2 attack isn’t enough. Also the prevalence of Haunted Creeper makes Divine Shield not very good. In the current meta, I don’t see this card as very impactful. But it does mean that Blizzard is making strides to push early game paladin more and this card is fairly sticky. In arena, you either trade evenly with a 2/3 or profit off a 3/2. Very good for curve.


Lightbomb (6)
Deal damage to each minion equal to its Attack.
Constructed: Probably Playable (Control)
Arena: Above Average

This can be a format defining card, as it is a very powerful board clear. You can kill Giants, Ragnaros, Shade of Naxxramas and many other smaller minions. Since it is a full board clear, it would only be played in a Control deck. Truthfully the only thing keeping this card from being an instant include into deck is its somewhat high mana cost and its situational nature. It would take some testing to see if it is right of the meta. In arena, situational board clear is still board clear, which is something that the Priest can use.


Light of the Naaru (1)
Restore 3 health. If the target is still damaged, summon a Lightwarden
Lightwarden (1) (1/2)
Whenever a character is healed, gain +2 Attack.
Constructed: Maybe Playable
Arena: Average

Lightwarden is a classic set card that you can craft. (I am just showing it here as a quick reference) Restore 3 health is not good enough to be its own card. Lightwarden is very underplayed. If you put both together, does it become viable? The answer is maybe. Lightwarden as a card, is not that bad because you can use the heal triggers to easily make it trade for something better than itself. The issue is how easy is it to use this card’s effect to summon Lightwarden. You can heal yourself and if you are still damaged, you get a free Lightwarden. You can heal Injured Blademaster to get a 4/6 and 1/2 at turn 4. In combination of Auchenai Soulpriest, you can use this to deal damage to an enemy and you will summon Lightwarden even the enemy is killed. This makes it have many applications. I think of it as a single target Circle of Healing. You want it in aggro/tempo deck where you want to keep up pressure and don’t want to wipe your own monster. In arena, it is as okay because at the least, you can get a minion that can easily be easily be a 3/2, and healing minions is useful in the slower arena format.

Shadowbomber (1) (2/1)
Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to each hero
Constructed: Underplayed
Arena: Don’t Pick

So let’s try to make a Priest aggro deck with Mind Blast and a ton of charge? No. That is still bad. This card can’t replace Leper Gnome who has a Deathrattle and Undertaker is so important now. In arena, you don’t want one health dudes. Why is this an epic?

Shadowboxer (2) (2/3) Mech
Whenever a character is healed, deal 1 damage to a random enemy.
Constructed: Staple (Mech Tribal) / Playable (Aggro) / Underplayed (Control)
Arena: Above Average

With a similar result as Knife Juggler, this card works best when you can get multiple triggers of it While it is easy to abuse Knife Juggler by summoning many minions and their tokens, it is hard to get multiple heals off. That would require specific cards in the deck and specific situation for when minions are damaged. The best case is when you trade and weaken your opponent’s minion to one health, you heal your own minion and maybe Shadowboxer can pick off one point of health. You don’t want to use Circle of Healing because there isn’t a point of throwing 1 damage punches at full health minions. I see this card is staple is Priest Mech, playable in Priest Aggro (But not the Deathrattle deck) and not played in anything else. In arena, it is slow enough for you to get multiple heal triggers. Darkscale Healer is also not a bad pick in arena and that would trigger this card multiple time.

shrinkmeisterShrinkmeister (2) (3/2)
Battlecry: Give a minion -2 until the end of the turn.
Constructed: Staple
Arena: Top Pick

A great tool from Priest who always have weakness dealing with 4 attack minions. Cabal Shadow Priest, and Shadow Word: Pain might see more play now. Like the Crazed Alchemist, it is a card whose utility prevent it from being a two drop on curve. In arena, it is a 3/2 with upside. Even if you don’t have any effect synergy, you would be getting Would be surprised if this card didn’t see play.

ungradedrepairbotUpgraded Repair Bot (5) (5/5) Mech
Battlecry: Give a friendly Mech +4 Health
Constructed: Staple (Mech Tribal)
Arena: Above Average
The stats are already solid and the effect is really good for the Priest playstyle. It is a faster Temple Priest with a numerically stronger Battlecry. Amazing in the mech priest. Great stats for arena too.


velenchosenVelen’s Chosen (3)
Give a minion +2/+4 and Spell Damage +1
Constructed: Maybe playable
Arena: Average

If you compare this to Druid’s Mark of Nature, this card give way more stats. (Druid of course has the versatility) Health buffs are great in Priest because it allows you to use the hero power well. The spell damage is interesting, but I don’t see it as the main reason to use it. Buffs are also handy to manipulate minion’s attack to be 5 or over. It is still a 2 for 1 with Shadow Word: Death but at least the option is there. Buffs are generally underplayed because they are minion dependent, but this buff stats is very good.

Vol’jin (5) (6/2)
Battlecry: Swap Health with another minion.
Constructed: Staple
Arena: Above Average

Let’s analyze how strong the health swapping ability is. You decrease the opponent’s health to 2, making it easier for weaker minions to trade with stronger ones, making this a strong tempo play. This makes previous high health minions that have 4 attack, easier to deal with. (like Yzera). To be on par with cost, Voljin would have to steal 5 health. Considering the 4 drops and 5 drops played in Constructed that is not hard to get that value. It is also a sure kill with Holy Smite. It is defiantly going to see play. Not being a 6 drop and having to compete with Sylvanas and Cairne is what makes it so good as well. In arena, helping out trades is very important.


cogmasterwrenchCogmaster’s Wrench (3) (1/3) Weapon
Has +2 Attack while you have a Mech.
Constructed: Playable (Mech Tribal)
Arena: Don’t Pick (Deck Dependent)

So unless you have a mech on the field, this card is just your hero power but a bit longer. Otherwise it is 3 damage weapon that can attack 3 times. So really it is only for a mech deck. Even then, I honestly like Perdition Blade more because when it is combed out, I can go 4 damage, which obviously have better reach than a 3 attack weapon. In arena, normally I wouldn’t pick it unless, I have a ton of mechs.

goblinautocutterGoblin Auto Barber (2) (3/2) Mech
Battlecry: Give your weapon +1 Attack
Constructed: Playable (Tempo)
Arena: Top Pick

A great card for the tempo rogue. It makes your hero power has 2 attack, thus it becomes like having a backstab or SI:Agent combo. So course, it also makes Assassin’s Blade and any other future weapons even better. Blade Flurry is even better as well. In Arena, it is great for hero power and it is just a 3/2. Perfect.

ironsenseiIron Sensei (3) (2/2) Mech
At the end of your turn, give another friendly Mech +2/+2.
Constructed: Playable (Mech Tribal and only because we need mech cards)
Arena: Don’t Pick

This card reminds me of Raid Leader, which to a beginner looks good but people soon realize that a 3 cost minion that are 2/2 in stats is just bad because it can’t hold its own. Likewise this card is bad in the same sense. However, the fact that it gives health is important. It can make your two drop mech able to trade well. But because the effect takes place at the end of the turn, you can’t be proactive and gain tempo from it. I do like that it is giving Rogue an aggro deck to build. I am excited for the diversity it brings. Don’t pick it in arena. You just got a weaker Raid Leader.

Ogre Ninja (5) (6/6)
Stealth. 50% chance to attack the wrong enemy.
Constructed: Maybe playable
Arena: Average

What kind of ninjas attack the wrong enemies? Ogre Ninjas! For the undercosted body, in other words, having a great attack and health for a 5 drop, it comes with a potential drawback. Potential because the random attack allows for a chance to bypass stealth and taunt. However since it comes in stealth, you can control when there is a favorable position for you to attack. Also 6 health makes if so that even it randomly attack something it shouldn’t, it could probably come out alive. This minion fits best as a top of the curve for aggressive Rogue decks. You can target the opponent’s monster and if you hit the face, well you are fulfilling your deck’s win condition. The question really is are aggressive Rogue decks looking to have a 5 drop. In arena, I still think this card is viable. The reason is because good stats are very important in arena. This card has a lot of potential to double trade even with other 5 drops.

oneeyecheat One-eyed Cheat (2) (4/1) Pirate
Whenever you summon a Pirate, gain Stealth.
Constructed: Staple (Pirate Tribal)
Arena: Don’t Pick

So Rogue Pirate gets a very aggressive card, that you can just use to hit the face and then constantly stealth it again. It would only fit it that deck so hey play it. In arena, you don’t pick one health minions. Even if you have a lot of pirates.

Sabotage (4)
Destroy a random enemy minion. Combo: And your enemy’s weapon.
Constructed: Tech
Arena: Above Average

It is a cheaper Assassinate but hits randomly but potentially have a stronger effect. The random nature of Sabotage shouldn’t be an issue for the Rogue and her myriad of cheap removal spells. The reason why Assassinate is not used is because Rogue is focused on using cheap spells to combo off. It would be a question of whether 1 mana difference would make a difference. Right now it is safer to say that this card would be used as in tournament play as a tech card against Control Warrior or the mirror match. In arena, this is an amazing pick. Assassinate is already a good pick in arena and now this one is even cheaper. Also it is a great choice for an epic in arena since the current Rogue epics, Patient Assassin, Preparation and Kidnapper, are weaker choice.

tsharpswordoil Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil (4)
Give your weapon +3 Attack. Combo: Give a random friendly minion +3 Attack.
Constructed: Maybe Playable (Aggro)
Arena: Slightly Above Average.

With the combo effect, it is like you played a combination of Deadly Poison and Cold Blood, which is not bad, especially for the aggressive Rogue deck. However the high mana cost makes it a big restrictive. But how is 4 mana a high mana cost? You have to remember to get the value out of this card, you need to combo and combing makes it like a turn 5, usually turn 6 play. You also need to have a weapon out to have a good effect. So turn 5 Assassin’s Blade, turn 6 play a 2 cost minion and then combo Sharpsword Oil is the best play. A great play yes, but I think this card is too inconsistent to see play. 4 cost combo cards are just a bit clunky. In arena, it is not good to value buffs but rather value cards that give board control. As worse it is six damage (hero power + this), to get a 4/2 weapon. Probably still good.


Trade Prince Gallywix (6) (5/8)
Whenever your opponent casts a spell, gain a copy of it and give them a Coin.
Gallywix’s Coin (0)
Gain 1 Mana Crystal this turn only. (Won’t trigger Gallywix.)
Constructed: Staple (Tempo) / Tech
Arena: Above Average

An anti-spell card only against your opponent that gives you spells. Despite giving your opponent a Coin, it is much better than Lorewalker Cho since the effect only applies to the opponent and its body makes it hard to remove. I believe it is best in the tempo Rogue deck. You use your early cost cards to gain board control and when the opponent try to get back with spells, you just play this. Imagine going from Loatheb to this. Maybe it is too early to call it a staple, but defiantly give it a go. In arena, it is great since the body is so good and it can get you spells.


ancestorcallAncestor’s Call (4)
Put a random minion from each player’s hand into the battlefield.
Constructed: Build Around
Arena: Don’t Pick

Cards that allow you to circumvent the mana cost of your cards are all powerful cards that can affect the game. That is why Preparation and Innervate are so good. However, Far Sight, and the newly released Mage’s Unstable Portal, and Hunter’s Call Pet aren’t good because their effects are too random. This places Ancestor’s Call in a curious place, because it is a random effect that you can control, simply, by building around it or empty out your hand of other minions. This effect is especially good in Shaman to circumvent Earth Elemental’s overload or abuse quick Charges like Al’Akir the Windlord. In constructed, it is definitely a build around. But the meta will affect the prevalence of this being played. You wouldn’t want it in a meta filled of Handlock, Control Warrior or Ramp Druid. In arena, it is not worth the drawbacks.

crackleCrackle (2)
Deal 3-6 damage. Overload (1)
Constructed: Playable
Arena: Above Average

I like that this captures the idea that lightning is very fickly. The expected value of this card is 4.5. In comparsion to Lightning Bolt, you are paying one extra mana for the chance to roll more than 3 damage. It is going to so tense to use because you either overkill the enemy, gamble for a kill, or just don’t kill it at all. It is hard to say if this card would end up as a Shaman staple, but it is going to definitely see play in the spell-heavy “Zeus” decks. In arena, having removal is great even if there is randomness.

dunemaulDunemaul Shaman (4) (5/4)
Windfury, Overload: (1), 50% chance to attack the wrong enemy.
Constructed: Playable (Aggressive Build Around)
Arena: Average

Windfury means that you have two chance to roll the worst outcome. But it also means you have a potential to deal 10 damage to your opponent. When you support Dunemaul with the myriad of removal spells that Shaman have, it could be easy to make your opponent’s face the only target to hit. Its health is not that bad, since Dunemaul could still survive a first hit from Senjin Shieldmasta or Sludge Belcher. It’s also the first 4 cost Shaman card with Overload. This fits the curve of turn 3 Unbound Elemental and then turn 4 Dunemaul Shaman. Strong!

neptulonNeptulon (7) (7/7)
Battlecry: Add 4 random Murlocs to your hand. Overload (3)
Constructed: Staple (Murloc Tribal) / Maybe Playable elsewhere
Arena: Top Pick

So we are certainly going to use this Shaman Murloc, so let’s answer if its value is good enough to make it in other Shaman decks. You do get 4 minions that while they are small, they are still minions that your opponent has to answer. And it is likely there is some synergy between the 4 minions. But Neptulon can be Big Game Huntered, you only get 5 mana next turn on curve and the murlocs can all be wiped at once by a wave clear. It is probably underplayed in other decks, because it really doesn’t do that much, but get your opponent to use cards. Hmm, it that going to be enough? Not sure, but time will tell. In arena, value is value even if it is Murlocs.

powermace Powermace (3) (3/2)
Deathrattle: Give a random friendly Mech +2/+2
Constructed: Staple (Mech Tribal)
Arena: Above Average

A great theme weapon for the Shaman mech deck. Definitely a good weapon which Deathrattle can be triggered easily in Constructed. In arena, weapons can gain good tempo and as long as you have a few mech it is not hard to trigger the effect on the mech you want to buff, since you can time the deathrattle. Even without the deathrattle, being a good weapon is just good.

Siltfin Spiritwalker (4) (2/5) Murloc
Whenever another friendly Murloc dies, draw a card. Overload: (1)
Constructed: Staple (Murloc Tribal)
Arena: Don’t Pick

A better card than Cult Master in Murloc because it has so much more health. Of course, we are going to use this in Murloc Shaman, but the question is, is Shaman Murloc viable? Probably not top tier but hey, it will be fun. In arena, it is just bad stats. Don’t pick it.

Vitality Totem (2) (0/3) Totem
At the end of your turn, restore 4 Health to your hero.
Constructed: Maybe Playable / Tech
Arena: Below Average

While a bit plain, this is an exciting card for Shaman player. One of the known weakness of Shaman Control is that despite the multiple removals it have, it doesn’t have any healing. And some healing is necessary to stabilize out of the reach of aggressive deck like Hunter. Healing in control vs control is meaningless, so it does depend on meta. It is a nice tool for Shaman to gain. In arena, healing is not important enough to warrant this card.

whirlingzapWhirling Zap – o –matic (2) (3/2) Mech
Constructed: Staple (Aggro)
Arena: Average

Considering that this is a great two drop with upside, Shaman now has the early game Windfury that it needs to make aggressive plays early. Even as a 2 drop, you can attack the opponent first before trading it with the opponent’s 2 drop. Windfury synergize very well with all the Shaman buffs just as Rockbiter weapon and Flame Tongue Totem. This is definitely going to be seen in Shaman Mech decks and in aggro Shaman decks. In arena, it is better than all other 2 drops, but it is only a two drop that isn’t really going to do anything but do more damage. So that is what is keeping it from being an above average card. But you can pull off some insane fast kills.


Anima Golem (6) (9/9) Mech
At the end of each turn, destroy this minion if it’s your only one.
Constructed: Build Around
Arena: Don’t Pick

Underpriced cards with huge drawbacks are always very interesting and I take it as a challenge to try and make the best of it. If you choose to use this card, you need a plan to keep the golem from being the lone card on the field. This might involve using Ancient Watchers. Normally, opponents would ignore these guys unless they are Taunted, but now you create other motivate that the Watcher should be removed. Or you can use stealth minions. The weakness is that waveclear spells can kill all the other minions. There is some hope for some Wailing Soul synergy. This card can close out games fast, but it need a specific deck around it. I don’t think that deck would be good enough to compete with other top tier decks (for example, Handlock can drop Mountain Giant on turn 4). In arena, it just too inconsistent.

Darkbomb (2)
Deal 3 damage
Constructed: Staple
Arena: Top Pick

Simple card, right? How is it a staple and a top pick? Because it is a something that Warlock is missing. Yes, it is worse than Frostbolt, but it would be unfair to compare with Mage, who is the spell slinging class. Also in most situations, you just need to deal 3 damage. Especially when you think about the newly nerfed Soulfire and inefficient Shadowbolt, this card fills a big power void.

demonheartDemonheart (5)
Deal 5 damage to a minion. If it’s a friendly Demon, give it +5/+5 instead.
Constructed: Probably Underplayed
Arena: Average (Deck Dependent)

This card is basically a bigger Demonfire, doing 5 damage instead of 2, and buffing for 5 instead of 2. Now the reason Demonfire isn’t that great is because 2 damage isn’t enough to kill the 2/3 2 drops. Demonheart however can trade with any other 5 drops minion. Still it is not that cost effective in comparison to other spells. It also has the versatility to greatly buff one of your demons. However the issues is that there isn’t enough demons that you want to buff. Even in the demon deck, you don’t want to play that many demons so that you have a control of what demon Voidcaller summons. In arena, it is a great epic rarity pick, as Warlock was lacking in good removal.

felcannonFel Cannon (2) (3/5) Mech
At the end of the turn, deal 2 damage to a non-Mech minion.
Constructed: Staple (Mech Tribal)
Arena: Average

Amazing card, because it is like a Demolisher with a bigger body, a Demolisher that can actually kill things without its effect. It is important to know that it can damage your own units if they aren’t Mech. So the initial idea is just throw it in a Mech deck and have it bombard your enemy units. But what if you can abuse the effect by directing it to certain non-mechs that you chose to play, like Neubian Egg or Acolyte of Pain? An interesting card to play around with. In arena, the effect is very good but it is very likely to hit your own units since you can’t be sure to draft a full mech deck. Still it is a good warlock 4 drop.

Floating Watcher (5) (4/4) Demon
Whenever your hero takes damage on your turn, gain +2/+2
Constructed: Staple (Demon Tribal)
Arena: Slightly Above Average

On curve as a 5 drop, it is bad, but on turn 7 (with hero power), it is a 6/6, take 2 heal and draw a card. And of course you can make it bigger and bigger (keep it as a 6/6 to avoid Big Game Hunter). It is a 5 drop Demon that you wouldn’t feel bad dropping on curve. The Demon deck still need some more help to be really good. In non-Demon decks, I feel this one is too slow. In arena, on curve is it poor stats, but being able to grow bigger and trade makes it pretty good.

Imp-losion (4)
Deal 2-4 damage to a minion. Summon a 1/1 Imp for each damage dealt.
Constructed: Playable
Arena: Above Average

An interesting card that is pretty good. In the best case, you killed the minion and gained board presence. In the other case, you weaken the minion and gain little 1/1s that can finish off that weaken minion next turn. It scales well with spell power as you make more Imps. You will summon as much Imps as damaged you did, even if you overkill the enemy. Needs a bit more Demon synergy other than just Demonfire or Demonheart to make this an amazing card. In arena, having 1/1 is valuable in helping trades.

Mal’Ganis (9) (9/7) Demon
Your other Demons have +2/+2. Your hero is Immune.
Constructed: Staple (Demon Tribal) / Underplayed (Elsewhere)
Arena: Average

The demon lord has arrived. Hero immunity does allow you to tap for free and it basically gives this card Taunt. If you can cheat it out with Voidcaller early on, I feel like you just win. So the real question is can this see play in other decks outside of the Demon deck. Probably not. The immune is a great idea for protecting your face but in most chance, Mal’Ganis can just get removed by one of many cards. I feel Lord Jaraxxus fits that role better. In arena, it is a 9 mana cost minion that does nothing to the field, it might not even have demon synergy. But it does have “Taunt”.

Mistress of Pain (2) (1/4) Demon
Whenever this minion deals damage, restore that much Health to your hero.
Constructed: Underplayed
Arena: Below Average

So the more damage you do, the more health you gain. So why does this person have 1 Attack? Oh, because you want me to play Demonfire or Demonheart. Ahh, how about no? This card is too slow by itself. You don’t want to play a bad card that needs to rely on other mediocre cards to be good. In arena, having 1 attack is a liability. You can’t be sure you have Demonfire, Demonheart, or Mortal Coil.


bouncingbladeBouncing Blade (3)
Deal 1 damage to a random minion. Repeat until a minion dies.
Constructed: Staple (Control)
Arena: Average

An amazing card in the control Warrior. The value you can get from Armorsmith or Acolyte of Pain is amazing even if they die. If there is only an enemy minion on the field, it will autokill it, much like Deadly Shot for Hunter. The animation of this card also takes a good amount of time if there is a lot of things on the field, so please think quickly when you want to use it. In arena, removal is removal despite the randomness.

crush Crush (7)
Destroy a minion. If you have a damaged minion, this costs 4 less.
Constructed: Playable (Control/Enrage)
Arena: Above Average

The power level of this card ranged from bad when you don’t have damaged minion to really good when you do. Because of this, we have to find decks in Constructed that will constantly have a damaged minion. This can happen many times in the Control or Enrage deck and this spell is powerful enough to be included. The only thing stopping me from calling this a staple is the issue of what we are going to take out in the Control deck. Still it is very strong and should be on your mind when crafting your Control deck or playing against one. In arena, it is common to do many trades and have damaged minions. So this spell is great removal.

ironjuggernaut bmine

Iron Juggernaut (6) (6/5) Mech
Battlecry: Shuffle a Mine into your opponent’s deck. When drawn, it explodes for 10 damage.
Burrowing Mine (0)
When you draw this, it explodes. You take 10 damage and draw a card.
Constructed: Playable / Build Around
Arena: Average

An awesome card that is the first to introduce putting a card into our opponent’s deck and what better to put in, than this ticking time bomb? In a way, this is a counter to draw heavy decks, like Handlock or Miracle or Freeze Mage decks. It is especially good against Freeze Mage because this 10 damage can bypass their Ice Block. However, you do have to realize when you play this card, you are waiting on an “investment” that may or may not occur. In a Control vs Control matchup, this “investment” is more likely to occur. Thus it is hard to judge the playability of this card. Yes, it adds another threat to the Control Warrior deck and could replace another 6 drop legendary but it is an inconsistent threat versus faster decks. I am just excited to try the Brewmaster Iron Juggernaut deck. In arena, games are slower so the bomb might get drawn. But stats are important in arena, and this card is sub par in that field. Average, better than the situational legendaries.

ogremaulOgre Mauler (3) (4/2) Weapon
50% chance to attack the wrong enemy.
Constructed: Playable (Aggro)
Arena: Average

A 3 drop weapon with the stats of a 4 cost weapon. As discussed in previous Ogre cards, the “Ogre status” is not a drawback because it allows you to attack stealth and goes through taunts. However, this is status is better on a minion than a weapon. When it is a minion, the opponent can’t ignore the randomly attacking minion because it still has board presence until it is removed. Yet when it is on a weapon, the opponent can ignore it because of its random nature and limited life span. Taking that into consideration and the stock of other weapons Warrior have, this card wouldn’t see play in anything other than a full out aggressive deck. In the aggro deck, you wouldn’t really care if you are wrecking minions or wrecking face. In arena, weapons are so good, but this weapon has drawbacks. Probably pick if you don’t have any weapons, but other weapons are better.

screwjankScrewjank Clucker (4) (2/5) Mech
Battlecry: Give a friendly Mech +2/+2
Constructed: Staple (Mech Tribal)
Arena: Below Average (Deck Dependent)

Like Shattered Sun Cleric, the battlecry is amazing. Blizzard learned their lesson and made sure to give the Clucker a bad body to go with the good effect. But is this going to make the rise of Warrior Mech aggro? I really hope so, so there isn’t just Control Warrior running around. In arena, obviously it is better if you have a lot of mechs in your deck, like about 10, but otherwise, you just have a bad 4 drop.

shieldmaidenShieldmaiden (6) (5/5)
Battlecry: Gain 5 Armor
Constructed: Underplayed
Arena: Below Average

This is pretty much just a stronger Priestess of Elune. It has more stats and it “heals” for more. Still it wouldn’t see play. Control warrior don’t have a strong reason to put this in their deck, as Shield Block gets the armor they want and replaces itself. The six spot is also filled with stronger legendary minions. Perhaps this is a card for a budget player to get into Control Warrior. But I don’t think it makes the final draft. In arena, its stats are okay. It is like a cheaper Guardian of the Kings but for warrior. The value of this card does go up depending on the number of weapons that you have.

siegeengineSiege Engine (5) (5/5) Mech
Whenever you gain Armor, give this minion +1 Attack
Constructed: Playable (Midrange Mech Tribal)
Arena: Average

When you have a card that can gain attack, you think you would play in it an aggressive deck. But you don’t want to be playing Armorsmith in an aggressive deck. And this card will need Armorsmith in order to be good. Also this card is 5 mana and doesn’t deal immediate damage. So it might be too expensive for an aggressive deck. Thus the best fitted in a midrange mech deck. I don’t see it going into Control as they have bigger Legendaries as threats and this card offer no control of the board. In arena, 5/5 for 5 is average. The effect can get triggered by your Hero Power but if you judge it as a 6/5 for 7, you would think of it as bad. Without the multiple triggers of Armorsmith, this card isn’t that good. So just an average arena 5 drop.

warbotWarbot (1) (1/3) Mech
Enrage: +1 Attack
Constructed: Staple (Aggro Mech Tribal)
Arena: Below Average (Deck Dependent)

Turn one, Warbot. Turn Two, Cruel Taskmaster. Now you have a 4/2 and a 2/2 on the field as turn two. Pretty good. However, if you don’t get that curve off, this card is pretty mediocre. Which is why it would only be played in a Mech deck so you can take advantage of more synergies. In arena, if you play turn one Warbot and I play a 3/2 on my turn two, unless you have a way to trigger Warbot, my 3/2 would just kill your Warbot for free. Not good.


Check out the new cards on Blizzard’s website:http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/expansions-adventures/goblins-vs-gnomes/?abt=nav1&utm_expid=68589644-24.yOgsCsWhSz-gOSDIbl82Wg.1&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fus.battle.net%2Fhearthstone%2Fen%2Fexpansions-adventures%2Fgoblins-vs-gnomes%2Fvote%3Fabt%3Dnav1

Comment below about what you think about the Class cards and what class is going to benefit the most from the new mechs.

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