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Pirate Rogue

Rogue’s Hero Power has an innate synergy with the Pirates, since you can always have a weapon on hand. Rogue also provides many cheap spells and minions that we can use to control the field. This includes removal in the form of Backstab, Deadly Poison, Eviscerate, and SI:7 Agent. By controlling the field, we can make sure that our crew of Pirates keep growing.

Card ChoicesRogue_Pirate

Rogue also has a class specific Pirate, the One-Eyed, that fits very well with an aggressive playstyle. We want to abuse its ability as much as possible as constant threat on the field that the opponent can’t remove without using AOE.

In order to maximize the weapon, you want to have ways to increase the attack using Deadly Poison and Goblin Auto-Barber. This would help Blade Flurry, Bloodsail Raider and Dread Crosair. Lowering the cost of Dread Crosair is especially important since that would make it easier to use it to combo.

Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil is very useful for the burst damage. With Southsea Deckhand and the Oil, you get 9 damage for 6 mana (assuming you had your dagger ready).

Loatheb or Trade Prince Gallywix both fill in the same role of soft countering the use of AOE spells. It fits the curve perfectly as you spend the first couple of turns to flood the field and then secure it with one of these. It is hard to gauge which is better while Trade Prince is better at getting advantage from stealing spells or killing minions, Loatheb can be used defensively to stop getting burst down for a turn from Force of Nature or Fireballs.

Jeeves or Sprint is important card draw needed for an aggressive deck to keep up the aggro. Jeeves isn’t as great versus another aggressive deck but it is much cheaper, so better when you just need that combo trigger.

Meta Cards:

These following cards are used based the current meta that this deck is created in. Feel free to swap them out to fit your own ideas and meta-shifts

Blade Flurry: Useful against all the mech decks and other zoo decks running around, but less useful in control matchups.

Fan of Knives: Very useful to get rid of 1 health tokens (Haunted Creeper’s Spiders, Snake Trap’s Snake, Silver Hand Recruits)

Sap: Best to deal with big taunts or in the later stages of the game to return a large minion.

Always mulligan for early game cards like Ship’s Cannon, Backstab, or Goblin Auto-Barber.


Honestly, we need more Pirate cards to make it to Mech level viability, but it is fun to be playing Pirates.

Battletag: XinVL
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