Deck, Hearthstone

Pirate Warrior

Updated Whispers of the Gods: Standard version:

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Warrior’s wide array of weapons is what makes them a good choice to play with Pirates as well. In addition, Warrior weapons have the highest attack power. This deck should be focused on dealing lots of damage to your opponent’s face.

Weapon Choices
Sadly since you can’t duel wield weapons, you don’t want to have too many weapons in the deck, so our weapon choices are crucial. Fiery War Axe is too good for early game tempo to not use.  Ogre Warmaul is the next weapon of choice. Having 4 attack means that you can play Dread Corsair on turn 3. The random targeting doesn’t matter as much in an aggressive deck because either dealing damage to the face or smashing down a random minion is working towards the deck goal. Lastly we top the curve with Arcanite Reaper. This weapon hits for 10 damage over two turns. Of course, we are running 2 copies of Upgrade! as well.
Death’s Bite isn’t good enough for this deck because we can’t take advantage of the drawback with Pirates. Gorehowl is too late game oriented.

Other Card Choices
The other minions provide more aggression. Warsong Commander is especially good with Bloodsail Raider, since the Commander gives the Raider charge even when you have a weapon. Grommash Hellscream and Inner Rage combo is a finisher, but feel free to use Inner Rage at optimal times.

One copy of Hero Strike is to be like a buff to your weapon, in case you need the extra damage but it is kinda situational and can be replaced with something else.

Always trade to mulligan for Fiery Win Axe, Ship’s Cannon or Leper Gnome.

Battletag: XinVL
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