Hearthstone, Set Review

Top 10 Cards of Goblins vs Gnomes

After one month that GvG has been released, this post will be talkng about the top 10 cards of the set that really shaped the meta game that we see now.

10. Piloted Shredder / Mechanical Yeti
pilotshredmechyetiBoth of these cards share a spot because they do the same role: providing a beefy 4 drop minions that have both Mech and Deathrattle synergy. These cards are both top picks in Arena. They are also see play in Constructed where their synergies can be taken advantage of. Because of their prevalent use in both formats, they deserve a spot on the list.

9. Antique Healbot

While not having a very flashy effect, this card has a big impact on the constructed format by improving many previously unfavorable matchups. This is especially the case for Handlocks, where double Healbot has greatly improved the matchup against Hunter. Giving big heal to classes that doesn’t normally have healing helps shore up weaknesses that classes may have.




8. Darkbomb

Especially due to the nerf to Soulfire, Darkbomb is good cheap Warlock removal. It is a solid card that going to be see a ton of play now and in the future.






7. Shield Maiden

Shield Maiden is another card that is not fancy but in the Control warrior deck, it does its job well by giving army and providing a body. It looks weak but it gives that extra protection that keeps Warriors in the game. Expect this card to be played in Constructed and watch as Warriors seem to be an unkillable monster.





6. Jeeves

Despite being a symmetric effect, the card draw from this card is essential for aggressive decks. It enables aggressive decks out of classes that doesn’t have access to cheap card draw, such as Rogue or Warrior. The real brilliance of this card is that is benefit for the aggressive deck and meaningless to the control deck.





5. Tinkertown Technician

When you release new cards, you want to give incentives for playing with them. That is where Tinkertown comes in. At a base, it is a plain 3/3 for 3 which is baseline but once you have a mech, it is so much upside. The Spare Part is a very handy trick at times. This card is staple for mech decks and it is going to be a long time until it is moved out of that place.




4. Implosion


This Warlock spell does so much for the Warlock zoo deck because it provides both removal and board presence in one card. That is just so much value and gives the Zoo deck a spell threat that has be taken in account for especially that Soulfire is now seeing little to no play.






3. Muster for Battle


Muster draws so much attention to the Paladin class and gives them a much needed power boost in the early game. It is has many strong combos with Quartermaster, Knife Juggler, Cult Master and Sea Giant. It is great in arena and constructed. It is a card packed with value that I don’t see that would be replaced anytime soon.





2. Dr. Boom


Though I previously thought that this legendary was not strong enough in the competitive scene, time and experimentation has proven that Dr. Boom is very strong. With one card, we play 3 minions on the board that each need to be answered, making it good against the control matchup. The Boom Bots are very effective against aggressive decks. Having 1 attack allow them to trigger themselves, taking out a 1 health minion and then setting off a bomb that can potentially take out other minions. Dr. Boom proves itself to be a good legendary since it does well in different matchups and it doesn’t have much completion in the 7 cost slot.


1. Mechwarper


With this card, mech aggressive decks wouldn’t be any sort of powerhouse. Cost cuts are especially powerful, especially in a game where summon sickness exists. This grants you tempo and board control. It is the “Undertaker” of the mech deck in the sense that it is the threat that your opening hand has to be able to deal with. If you don’t get rid of it quickly you would be completely overrun in the early game.


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