Card Evaluation Guidelines

Here is a simple guideline of how cards are rated on this site and what the rating means. Keep in mind, there are two formats that cards are rated in: Constructed, the format in which decks are created out of the entirely of your collection, and Limited (aka Arena), the format in which decks are created out a subset of cards, often presented a few at a time.

03-2016 Edit
Clarifying the rating system.
5.0: You are always used and crucial in a top tier decks of the Standard format.
4.0: You are very prevalent seen in tops decks or crucial to certain deck.
3.0: You are sometimes seen in top decks and/or important in mid tier decks.
2.0: You might see play in some niche decks or lower tier decks.
1.0: You see little to no competitive play.
Tech: A special rating for cards that counters a certain meta and/or cards

04-2016 Edit

A change up to a numeric format. to give the reviews a pinpoint answer. The details are in the writing. For the most part, it is clear how the numeric system will work in arena, but lets go over how it will work in Constructed:
5.0: You have to be very prevalent and crucial in both Wild and Standard format. (ex: Emperor Thaurissan)
4.0: You are very prevalent in one or both formats and seen in multiple decks or crucial to certain deck.
3.0: You are a playable card and important in certain decks.
2.0: You might see play in some niche decks.
1.0: You are not see any or very little play.
Tech: A special rating for cards that depend on the meta to be played

Main Categories

  • Staple
    • Due to the power level of this card, I would be extremely surprised if this card doesn’t see play. These cards are meant for these decks and will be played heavily. This cards also have a profound effect on the meta.
    • Ex: Undertaker
  • Playable
    • These cards can do well and might see competitive play. But they aren’t meta changers. They are cards that have a good power level that would probably see some play.
    • Ex: Harvest Golem
  • Tech
    • The prevalence of these card are highly depended on the current meta-game of the game. They are seen in decks to deal with specific strategies.
    • Ex: Big Game Hunter
  • Underplayed
    • These cards wouldn’t do well in the competitive scene.
    • Ex: Magma Rager
  • Build Around
    • This card requires a specific deck built around it in order to play it effectively.
    • Ex: Ice Block

Additional Categories

  • Future Potential:
    • In the future, as new cards are release or the meta changes, this card is likely to see drastic shifts of playability.
  • One of
    • You would mostly likely only see one copy of this card included.
  • Tribal
    • This card requires a deck made up of a certain subset of cards dependent on its type or name.

Limited/ Draft / Arena
Main Categories

  • Top Pick
    • Pick this card is 99% of the cases, unless you are paired up with other top pick or you already have 4 of these (even then I still might be this). These cards, whose power level and/or consistency will win you the majority of your games.
    • Ex: Mechanical Yeti / Chillwind Yeti
  • Above Average
    • This card is strong and in most situations will perform great. They are just not as consistent enough to be top picks.
    • Ex: Acidic Swamp Ooze
  • Average
    • For the most part, they just do what is expect of them, which is a just consistently make a 1 for 1 trade with a card of equal cost. Sometimes they get a bit of advantage and sometimes you will pick them over above average picks because you need to fill out a good curve. They might have situational effects.
    • Ex: Blood Fen Raptor
  • Below Average
    • These picks aren’t that great. They don’t cause a big effect, and sometimes don’t even make a 1 for 1 trade with cards of equal cost. There effects are a bit too situational to be good. It is not recommended to pick these cards up.
    • Ex: Razorfen Hunter
  • Don’t Pick
    • Avoid these cards as much as possible. They are cards that net no advantage or are just so situational that is not possible to use them at all.
    • Ex: Wisp

Additional Categories

  • Deck Dependent
    • This card’s value increases depending on your previous picks.
  • Max 1.
    • This card is good but you probably only want to have one of them in your deck. Afterwards, it isn’t a good pick anymore.

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