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Secrets of Hearthstone

Secrets, found only in 3 classes, are a unique way for your opponent to interact on your turn. Your opponent plays a card that causes a question mark icon above their character and you can only sit there and think what did he play? What can I play? Well fear not! Click on each classes’ secret to learn more about them and how you should play around them.


In addition, there are cards that interact with secrets, so lets go over the neutral cards and see how they would affect gameplay versus secrets. (see the class specific secret synergy in there specific post)

This minion doesn’t see much play despite its synergy with secrets. Since secrets only exist at one mana cost for every class, you can’t curve optimally after this card is played on turn 1 for multiple turns. Mage can’t play a secret until on turn 3 (barring no coin). Hunter will have one mana left over if they want to play a secret on turn 3. Paladin are the best hope for quickly pumping up this card, but playing multiple secrets quickly leads to a lack of hand size. So for the foreseeable future, this card isn’t much of a threat.

Mad Scientist
madscienceThis card has to be mentioned because it plays a secret randomly from your opponent deck. This makes it much harder to get tells from your opponent’s action around what secret he/she played. But at times, it could be helpful. The secret tutored by Mad Scientist might be played at non-optimal moment.



Kezan Mystic
kezanmysticThis is the first hard counter to Secrets introduced in the game. With this one card, you can steal your opponent’s secret and gaining mana and card swing in your favor. Do note that Repentance, Snipe and Mirror Entity is not activated and is stolen instead. While this card is a very good counter to secrets, you wouldn’t be adding it to your deck, until secrets decks, like most Hunters and Freeze Mage become popular in the meta.


The healing of this card favors a control focused secret deck. Many have through it would be found in Freeze Mage to combo with Ice Block. But it turns out it wasn’t worth the card slot and that it takes too many turns to rack up the incremental healing.


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