Hearthstone, Set Review

The Grand Tournament – Hearthstone Expansion Announcement

Combatants of Hearthstone! You are welcome under the banner of the Grand Tournament!

The Grand Tournament is Hearthstone’s second card expansion. It is a 132 card set with an emphasize on Hero Power. Inspire is a new mechanic introduced that have effects that activate when a Hero Power is triggered. There is also support coming out existing themes, such as Pirates and Totems. The expansion comes out next month. So safe up that gold or you can pre-order 50 packs for a discount and an exclusive card pack.

Link to full review of card set:
Neutral Cards
Class Cards

Without further ado, lets take a look at the new cards revealed on the 7/22/2015 announcement:


lowsquireAhh, the basic card that explains what Inspire is. Every time you use your Hero Power, this minion will gain 1 attack. The bonus is very minor even when played on curve so it is not worth playing. But don’t worry, there is much more exciting Inspire cards ahead.




maidenlakeSo another way to promote Hero Powers is also be make them better! At one mana, it is easy to get an Inspired trigger every turn and help with your curve. The 6 health body makes it hard to remove so maybe you can get at least two turns of discount. But this isn’t a card I want to run unless my deck is focused on getting Inspired triggers. That being said, let’s get on the Majordomo hype train!



saraadGenerating card advantage just by using your hero power is an amazing effect. Your hero power becomes 2 mana draw a card, and be a small effect. In Warlock, it is draws two cards. A powerful card advantage generator is exactly want Control decks want to see. It reminds me a bit like Ysera but with an upkeep close for every time you want the effect. However it is much more vulnerable than Ysera is. I would never feel happy to play this card on turn 5 by itself. This card has some amazing potential to see play. It just needs to find the right supporting cast.

kodoriderHey everybody! Get in… Okay it probably isn’t as good as Grim Patron. But a minion that can make other minions multiple times cannot be under looked. This card has a very high inspire reward but the body is very bad for a 6 drop. On turn 6, unless it is behind a Sludge Belcher, it has a high chance of dying. Also playing it on turn 8 to make 2 3/5’s with some Hero Power effect isn’t that strong. Over multiple turns, this card could take over a game, so watch out!

skycapMy first thought was yay, Pirate synergy. My second thought was this was just an underpowered Leeroy. It does have the body to help control the board state. But right now, Pirates don’t really have fast way to swarm the field. So it is hard to imagine that this card will get discounted much. By the time, it gets discounted much, you were probably already in a winning position. You might still play it in Tribal because it is a Pirate.



I just love the continued design of discounted 8/8 giants. There is a chance that slow decks like Control Warrior or Control Paladins might be interested in playing this card. These are also control decks that value using their Hero Power often.




Class Cards


For 2 mana, you get a 3/2 but for 4 mana, you get a 3/2 with Battlecry: deal 2 damage. This makes it competitive in an arena, since there is a chance to ping off a 2 cost 3/2 and then trade with a 3 cost minion. I can’t wait to see the Fallen Hero-Duplicate-Emperor Thaurissan-Coldarra Drake combo.




So any creature you control can become a pseudo Piloted Shredder. This can be very good with high cost minions and minions like Antique Healbot, which have powerful Battlecries but weak bodies. Of course it is random, but it still allows you to maintain a presence on the board. It has the same trigger as Duplicate so it can still be played around by your opponent. It is a good secret that I wouldn’t be surprised to see played in Secret decks and maybe even Tempo decks.


Just like the show match displayed, this dragon works great in a slow Inspire themed control deck. Combined with Maiden of the Lake and Saraad would nets an incredible amount of card advantage. The pieces together costs a lot amount of mana, so it might not have strong competitively applications. Still Coldarra Drake does hold a lot of potential in a Mage Inspire Deck. It is also a buff to the Mage Dragon decks, which already plays a control game with Chrommaggus and Ysera. In arena, 6/6 for 6 is good stats and being able to use your Hero Power multiple times is a slow but good way to get value.


totemgolemTalk about early game. You can get a 3 drop (aka Spider Tank) on turn 2. The next turn, you get one less mana to play with, but this card can definitely be worth. We can compare it to Shielded Minibot’s influence on Paladin. A resilient 2 drop is very important in maintain early board control against aggro and define the place against midrange or tempo decks.



The ANY is to emphasize that you can summon any card with type Totem, not just those summoned your Hero Power. The best outcome is the Totem Golem, so it is possible to get a 3 /4 and a 3/2 for the price of one card. That is amazingly powerful. Even if you don’t get Totem Golem, there is a great amount of value, because every totem is at least 2 mana.


totemcarverMore totemic synergy! So if you have at least one totem on the field by turn 4, you can make a 5/5. Not bad. It is dependent on Shaman’s early game and avoiding overload to make sure it is on curve. So lets hope for more early game totems!





This minion is incredible when you are ahead and have many totems on the field, okay when you are even on the board, and very weak when you are behind. Right now, it is a good tribal support, but the Totem deck will need some more to make a huge impact.





lockandloadThe card advantage that this card can create is ridiculous. Since you can get a spell from this card, you can rely on luck to keep the engine going until you run out of mana. Tracking is already talked about being amazing with this card, and Hunter’s Mark, and Arcane Shot will see more of a resurgences. This card can greatly change what sort of decks we see from Hunters now. Keep an eye out of this potential new combo menace.


ballofspiders 6 mana for 3 1 mana monsters feels very underwhelming. Since they are Webspinners, you can think about as deal 3 damage and draw three cards. If a card read like that, it probably would have to cost 6 mana (compared to Nourish and Sprint). But in reality, this card is much slower than that. I don’t see Hunter wanting to use this high cost card as a means of card draw. Better just go back to Lock and Load.

Spoilers of new cards is always an exciting time for card games. I love the Inspire design and am dying to see what new support this set will bring.

Be sure to check out Blizzard official page for more information and to vote for the next card to be reveal: The Grand Tournament


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