Hearthstone, Set Review

The Aftermaths of Blackrock

Blackrock Mountain Adventure was released April 2015, which is more than 3 months ago. In light of recent announcements, let’s take a look back as the effects that the cards of Blackrock Mountain had on the meta, and what more we hope to see in the future.


nefarianDragons were definitely the big selling point of the adventure. People were excited for the arrival of their new dragon overloads, hyping up Hungry Dragon and Chrommagus. The mechanic of “holding a dragon” was praised as a successful way to benefit from having high cost dragons stuck in your hand, while creating tension of deciding between playing the dragons or retain them in your hand.


Yet where are the dragons in the meta? Dragon Paladin was believed to be the strongest Dragon deck, due to the Dragon Consort, but the deck proved to not be very strong in the current meta. Other classes tried playing dragons in a control deck, but only with minor success. In the case of Dragon Control Warrior vs normal Control Warrior, the normal version proved to be more consistent.

Many people compared the dragon race to the recently released mech race. Mechs were a blackwingcorrhit from release and grew powerful aggressive archetypes, especially for Mage or Shaman, which lacked a strong aggressive shell before. The reason was that mechs and the cards that care about mechs were strong. Mechwarper was a powerful neutral support and class cards, like Goblin Blastmage and Powermace, also had powerful effect. The mechs themselves were great. Piloted Shredder can be seen in almost every deck. Shield Minibot was the early game minion that Paladin always wanted. And there lies the problem with dragons. Most of the dragons aren’t versatile or strong enough to be played on their own. Hungry Dragon’s drawback turned out to be a meaningful one, as the one drop often assisted in removal of the dragon. Volcanic Drake and Dragonic Crusher were 6 drops that didn’t have a lasting presence on the board state. No matter how good the support of the dragon race may be, if the dragons themselves aren’t good enough, then a dragon deck wouldn’t be consistent.

But there is still hope. Dragon support is strong; Blackwing Technician and Blackwing Corrupter‘s effects are pure value. As new expansions come out, hopefully more dragons will be introduced that would booster the dragon pool we have now.


gangupGang Up!

Before this adventure, a Mill deck, despite how much people try to make it work, and the reason was there just wasn’t enough cards to do the job. Yet with the addition of Gang Up (and Antique Healbot), a Rogue Mill deck has come into fruition, partly because it could actually do something against aggro. Not only does Gang Up! prevents the Mill deck from reaching fatigue first, but it also benefited the deck by replicating many copies of Coldlight Oracle to keep up the milling pressure or replicating Healbot to starve off aggro or keep off fatigue. It goes to show that every card has it own place in the right deck.


Emperor Thaurissanemperor thaurissan

This effect of this legendary really can’t be described in mana crystals. By lowering the
values of high cost cards, cards that normally can’t be played in a single turn can now be used in unison. In the meta of consistent and fast aggressive decks, midrange and control benefit greatly from the discount. Freeze Mage can set up for their next turn and still play Ice Block. Druid can summon their big minions faster by a turn and also make their Force of Nature / Savage Roar combo cheaper. The emperor will definitely have an effect on future deck-building and enable many combos deck to come.

Grim Patron

When this card was announced, everyone knew it was going to be good in Warrior. Now Patron Warrior sits at the top echelon of decks, if not the current throne. The strengths of the deck lies in have both explosive power thanks to Warsong Commander and Frothing Berserker. In a way, it punishes your opponent from overextending as that would need to more Patrons and more attack on your Frothing Berserker. In addition, the deck had access to the expansive board control package that the Warrior has, as well as, draw power from Acolyte of Pain and Battle Rage The deck has many favorable matchups, and is complicated to play against. This leads to the stay at the top in tournaments and ranked play. Hopefully a new content release can come with the silver bullet to dethrone this king.



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