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Discover! – A Hearthstone Mechanic Review

What is Discover?


Discover is a new mechanic introduced in the League of Explorer. When a Discover effect is activated, you can add one card from your hand, out of a selection of three cards. These three cards can only come out of a subset of neutral and class card. Thus, it is a card that you can normally put in your deck. Class card are about four times more likely to be offered as a choice, most likely to balance that there are far more neutral cards. You also must choose a card. If you run out of time, you will be automatically given the left most choice.


What problem does it solve?ravenidol

Randomness has benefits in creating varied and exciting gameplay. It always rewards skill players by being able to cope with random situation. However randomness can have significant downside as it can create certain board states that completely swing the game, reversing any gains that a skilled player has accumulated. Such effects might also be impossible to predict or prepare efficiently against. Discover controls this randomness by first limiting the subset to a realm of “possibility”, where the cards are legal cards that the class has access to. This allows a reasonable way for you to plan around the random card gotten from Discover. It also minimize the amount of unbalanced combinations that could occur when you mix cards from different classes.



Second, it greatly rewards the player’s ability to access a matchup and plan in making an accurate decision. This concept is very similar to the arena format. Despite the fact that choices in arena are random, the skilled player is still able to consistently earn good runs because of their game knowledge and decision making.



How does it affect deck construction?

In a very general sense, Discover is a modified version of “draw a card”, and draw a card is very good. So there is no doubt that Discover will be a good mechanic. It all depends on the body that mechanic is placed on. Let’s discuss the key differences between draw a card and Discover.

The Deck vs The Possible Pooljewelscarab

In a combo deck, it is significantly better to draw a card, since your cards have synergy with each other. The advantages of pulling a card from your collection is that you have a better chance to adapt to your situation. Jeweled Scarab quickly found a home in Shaman decks because Shaman has many powerful, yet situational three cost cards. For example, Lightning Storm, and Feral Spirit are very good against aggro deck, when Hex and Mana Tide Totem are very good against control decks.

ethernalconjurerOne Less Card vs Less Fatigue

Drawing a card decreases the total number of cards in your deck and thus increases the chance of drawing all your other cards. Once again, this is important for combo decks. Delaying fatigue damage is only good for fatigue decks, heavy control decks designed to win by fatigue. Ethereal Conjurer is good example of such, which replaced copies of Azure drake.


Discover is a great addition, which promotes adaptability and rewards game knowledge from matchups. It is the wonderful combination of the advantages of randomness and strengths of strategy.



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