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C’Thun Druid – Building the Gods


Welcome to Building the Gods, where I will craft a deck for each of the Old Gods released in Whispers of the Old Gods and go over my thought process in creating each deck. This series is meant to highlight the deck building process and give players a jumping off point to optimize and tweaks their own decks.

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C’Thun decks are pretty clear to build because you are directed to what minions to put in, aka the followers. While that might be good for new players for new players at first, you should realize that there are times when you don’t have to go all in one strategy and disregard the very good cards.

The very first thing is to pick a class. We going with Druid because it has clear synergistic cards with C’thun. As you can see the first thing is put all the C’Thun stuff in the deck. We can cut stuff later.


So now we are going to fit in our Druid cards. Here there are two things to keep in mind: one is that we should play to a class’s strengths and Druid’s strength is ramping; second is that Druid has some of the best stats on minions, well enough that it can replace our C’Thun minions.

As you can see, we put in our basic Ramp package and removal and some better Druid minion replacements. We replace C’Thun Chosen with Mire Keeper. Mire Keeper is a much more flexible card, where you can choose to ramp or to play a body on the board. Crazed Worshipper is replaced by Druid of the Claw. Druid of the Claw just have better stats, and the flexibility of having the Charge when you need it.

HS_DR_Cthun_02For our top end, we have to cut off some of our big minions. While a ramp deck does benefit from having a lot of big minions, having too many huge costing cards will make the deck inconsistent. And off course we are cutting our worse top end. As a general rule, cards with 7 mana and up have to do something to affect the board when it comes in. Skeram Cultist is just a big card, but we can replace it Ancient of War. Taunt is an effective way to affect the board by forcing your opponent’s attack. Doomcaller is not actually synergistic with our deck. Doomcaller wants to be played in a deck that can last a long time, because after you put Doomcaller back into your deck, you got to somehow draw it again. Our deck isn’t equipped to go into the super late game. By now, you should see our game plan is to ramp early and get a lead by playing well stated minions before they should be normally played. This is a plan that works with our class’s strength and the strength of the C’Thun followers.

Now, we can browse the neutral cards for more choices. Brann Bronzebeard is a must have in C’Thun decks. His effect will double all C’Thun buffing effect. There is an especially strong combo with Brann and Disciple of C’Thun. Note that all the Choose One effects aren’t battlecries.

HS_DR_Cthun_03.pngAfter some playtesting, I had consider some more tweaks. One important lesson, I learn is that you need some card draw. You have to use some resources to ramp and with the nerf to Ancient of Lore, we would lack a way to draw cards. For that we turn to Nourish, which can both skyrocket our mana lead or draw more cards, and Azure Drake, whose spell power can also boost Swipe and Wrath. These cards will also help us find C’Thun as well.  The cards that I had to trim now are Darnassus Aspirant because I already have so many 2 cost cards, and Klaxxi Amber-Weaver. It isn’t that likely to get Klaxxi Amber-Weaver effect to occur on when you have four mana, so I trimmed off a copy as it wasn’t as strong as it could be.


Now, if you have them or the dust, we can look into other legendaries that are nice for the HS_DR_Cthun_04deck. Frandral Staghelm has a powerful effect, similar to Brann, to get more value out of your Choose Ones. Raven Idols replaces Living Roots, because in combination with Frandral, you get to draw two cards, essentially creating card advantage.  Soggoth the Slitherer is surprisingly powerful in this deck. With a deck with some many taunt minions (Druid of the Claw, Dark Arakkoa, and Twin Emperor Vek’lor), it is very easy to get your opponent to use their Black Knight on those instead and then have no answer to Soggoth. Without being able to use spells, they have no choice but to waste this minions on this brick wall.




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