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N’Zoth Rogue – Building the Gods


Welcome to Building the Gods, where I will craft a deck for each of the Old Gods released in Whispers of the Old Gods and go over my thought process in creating each deck. This series is meant to highlight the deck building process and give players a jumping off point to optimize and tweaks their own decks.

There is a concept in card games, called build arounds. Build around are incentives that promote a certain strategy or theme by having some sort of synergy or reward for playing that theme. All the Old Gods are a build around themselves; C’Thun is the most obvious examples as specific cards interact with and buff up C’Thun. Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound promotes playing with large minions. Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End relies on a deck filled with spells to reach its full mad potential. Lastly the God we will be working with today, N’Zoth, the Corruptor wants a deck of deathrattle minions.

And one of the reasons, for choosing Rogue as class for N’Zoth is because Rogue has another incentive in playing deathrattle, Unearthed Raptor. These incentives dictate the type of deck we are build. Unearthed Raptor requires us to have a deathrattle minion on the field to trigger its battlecry. To ensure that, we want to play a midrange minion heavy deck using N’Zoth as a finisher. And the game plan of this Rogue deathrattle midrange deck is to win by playing highly efficient deathrattle minions and back them up with cheap spells and weapons.

nzoth         unearthraptor

HS_RG_Nzoth_01So lets first add deathrattle minions to our deck and keep the curve in mind. I like to start by putting in any Deathrattle that seem good to me and either put in two copies if I strongly want it and one copy if it is a maybe. Two Rogue deathrattle minions that I didn’t consider was Anub’ar Ambusher, whose effect can’t be taken advantage of in this deck and Anub’arak. Anub’arak is an extremely slow card that works very well in a control deck, but that isn’t the goal of our deck. It is important to keep in mind that we have to cut cards sometimes because they don’t work well in the decks we are trying to build. You should always question if a card is good in supporting your game plan. For example, we could include Anub’arak because it is would make the deck better in the Control matchup, but it would be a huge liability in the other matchup.

HS_RG_Nzoth_02Now, we add on the spells. Other than the normal removal suite, I am very interested to test out Blade Flurry especially with the added synergy with Southsea Squidface. Notable minions I have to cut here is Tomb Pillager and Corrupted Healbot. In comparison, these two deathrattle are the least useful for the goal of the deck.

HS_RG_Nzoth_03The final step now is to include good Rogue cards that are strictly strong cards on their own. It is important to never tunnel vision onto your theme so hard that you exclude strong cards that fit in the archetype of your deck well. Also we were lacking any 5 drops, so lets fill that in with some good o curve monsters. Shadowcaster is a powerful new card that make a copy of any of our deathrattle effects, and Azure Drake. So now go for a spin on the ladder and see what testing has taught us.





HS_RG_Nzoth_04And testing lead me to a second list that is a bit more generic. Southsea Squidface, Deadly Poison, and Blade Flurry creates a block of cards that really want to be together. Instead, by replacing this block on card, we can add more flexibility. Earthern Ring Farseer will have to do as our healing of choice in Standard now.



HS_RG_Nzoth_05.pngAnd here is a list for Wild. Notice that Journey Below is taken out for the more proactive Zombie Chow turn one play. Here I also didn’t include Neurbian Egg into the deck. The issue with Neurbian Egg is that it requires you to play several activators, attack buffing or Taunt giving cards, which would help the Egg’s deathrattle occur. This would focus the deck into a more aggro focused, since it will hold Cold Blood, Abusive Sergeant, Defender of Argus and the like. If we did that, there would be no point of running N’Zoth. Instead, we don’t run the Egg, and focus on a more efficient curve. Shadowcaster is also especially good here with the variety of other 5 drops that we can copy.


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