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Journey To Un’Goro – Set Review Part 3

Just a couple of days into the review and we have seen quite a few legendaries, the new elemental mechanic, and new Murloc support. Here are 10 new cards of Journey to Un’Goro and their reviews:

Rating System
5.0: You are always used and crucial in a top tier decks of the Standard format.
4.0: You are very prevalent seen in tops decks or crucial to certain decks.
3.0: You are sometimes seen in top decks and/or important in middle tier decks.
2.0: You might see play in some niche decks or lower tier decks.
1.0: You see little to no competitive play.
Tech: A special rating for cards that counters a certain meta and/or cards

Disclaimer: The ratings in this article is tentative as the whole set is not seen yet.

Crystalline Oracle

crystallineoracleConstructed: 3.5
Arena: 4
Link: https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/1364

Another card that falls in the 1 mana 1/1 gets card group, just like Swashburglar and Babbling Book. However, it is important to note this card isn’t as powerful as the other two because it is not a battlecry effect and thus is delayed. Also, Priest doesn’t have a 1 damage hero power, meaning it can’t follow up a turn 1 Oracle with damage to take care of a 3/2. So it is more like Webspinner. Still, it is easy to see that this might be played in Deathrattle decks (Amara/N’Zoth).  I can’t give it a better grade when Mistress of Mixture is probably still a better card.

Sunkeeper Tarim

sunkeepertarimConstructed: 3
Arena: 3
Link: http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/03/20/igns-exclusive-journey-to-ungoro-card-reveal

Wicked art. This badass can buff all your minions to 3/3 and hopefully minimize your opponent’s minions as well. You might think that Sunkeeper Tarim can be used as a Jade Golem counter, capable of minimizing whole fields to 3/3. But Eadric the Pure, from TGT who can set all enemy minions’ attack to 1, wasn’t play at all. Does this mean that global stat changing effect isn’t strong enough? Or Paladin just isn’t strong enough as a class? It is probably the latter. Sunkeeper Tarim also works well in token decks. Turn 5 Stand Against Darkness to Turn 6 Sunkeeper Tarim. A bit dreamy. We need to see if Paladin gets any cheap Recruit generators this expansion (preferably 4 mana or less).

Shadow Visions

shadowvisionsConstructed: 4
Arena: 4
Link: https://youtu.be/EvEaLjLHfrg

Simple card but high in potential. Being discover is very powerful here as you have the ability to choose the right spell for the situation. Sure searching a card is slow, but Priest has the ability to play slowly with Taunts and heal. Also, this is a tutor, (or the closest that Hearthstone will get to a tutor) just where this site got its name!

Clutchmother Zavas

clutchmotherzavasConstructed: 4.5
Arena: 1
Link: https://youtu.be/GJPoQH22heE

The power of this card isn’t that it gets +2/+2 each time but rather it returns to your hand. This allows you to count discards towards the Lakkari Sacrifice while retaining discard fodder. Also in combo with Malchezaar’s Imp, you actually get to draw a card. Quite scary synergy. And in the late game, once your opponent uses their hard removal, you can bring on the pain. It is going to a definite staple in the discard deck.

Stone Sentinel

stonesentinelConstructed: 4

Arena: 3
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20634742/hearthside-chat-elementals-of-ungoro-with-mike-donais-3-20-2017

Okay now, this is Dr. 7 right? Three minions for one card is often very good. (Aya Blackpaw/Dr.Boom). But I don’t think the card is as good as those two, partly because of the elemental condition and also a single AOE can clear all of them cleanly. It is good, just not crazy good as the other two. Shaman also has several minions that are getting retcon to be elementals. Turn 6 Fire Elemental, turn 7 Stone Sentinel. For arena, there is a lot of upsides, but you need the right deck.


ozrukConstructed: 1
Arena. 1 (3 if high elemental count)
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20634742/hearthside-chat-elementals-of-ungoro-with-mike-donais-3-20-2017

Sure you can have a 9 mana 5/10+ taunt. But when you compare it to Soggoth, a 9 mana 5/9 untargetable taunt, Soggoth is just more practical. But let’s bring on the divine spirit, inner fire priest! It is important to note that this card and the Stone Sentinel is very bad without playing an elemental last turn. Very swingy gameplay with elementals.

Fire Fly

fireflyConstructed: 2
Arena. 1.5
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20634742/hearthside-chat-elementals-of-ungoro-with-mike-donais-3-20-2017

Cute. This tiny minion helps you get more elementals to trigger effects. But I would only be interested in this card if there is a two cost elemental with the last turn trigger. Interestingly, Fire Fly can also be fodder for discard decks.

Flame Geyser

flamegeyserConstructed: 1

Arena: 2.5
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20634742/hearthside-chat-elementals-of-ungoro-with-mike-donais-3-20-2017

Compare to the other 2 mana spell options that mage has, this seems like a weak reward. This will highly depend on the elemental pay off cards that Mage gets. A low score until if we see more cards.

Kalimos, Primal Lord


Constructed: 4.5
Arena: 3
Link: http://www.hearthpwn.com/news/2364-kalimos-primal-lord-the-hearthpwn-ungoro-card

What a crazy pay off card. You can actually choose the Elemental Invocation to play. All the Invocations are powerful as well. For example, with Invocation of Air, you are paying Abyssal Enforcer one more cost but with +1/+1. And Abyssal Enforcer is an extremely powerful card too. With Invocation of Earth, it is like Onyxia. Arguably better than Onyxia because it comes down earlier. Invocation of Water and Fire are more situational but quick good. The heal really helps stabilize and the burn can straight finish the game. The fact that is Kalimos is just as powerful as cards with other With Ragarnos rotating out, this card will definitely have room to see play. This has a chance to be a driving force in the meta, but it depends on all the elementals we get. Shamanstone is here to stay perhaps.

Primalfin Lookout

primalfinlookoutConstructed: 2
Arena: 1
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20626039/e-malones-journal-week-three-3-21-2017

Getting cards from minions is good especially for aggressive decks. The card has high potential as you can get Murloc Warleader or Bluegill Warrior or even a value Finja, the Flying Star. Interesting to note it is bad for the Finja package currently in Standard. A 3/2, however, is very easy to get rid of by AOE (Consecration, Volcanic Potion)

Unite the Murlocs

unitethemurlocsConstructed: 3
Arena: 1
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20626039/e-malones-journal-week-three-3-21-2017

It is important to note that summon counts minions that are summoned by effect, aka Murdoc Tidecaller, or Call in the Finishers. Quests turn out to be very interesting in aggressive decks. There is a huge drawback in not playing a turn one minion like Murloc Tidehunter. Still, since you can mulligan the quest away, you can mulligan the quest away depend on starting hand and or the predicted matchup, which is a great test of skill. Now let’s talk about the reward:

Megafin! You play 10 murlocs, and then reload your hand for a second shot. This can help you come back in control matchup. Still, Megafin is quite a telegraph, so don’t expect it to last, players will keep a removal tool for it. Megafin’s effect is especially strong in Wild when you have a chance to get multiple Old Murk-Eye.

Overall, I don’t think that Murloc decks will be very strong. With Everyfin is Awesome and Anyfin Can Happen rotating out of standard, Murloc decks are losing instant win conditions for both aggro and control decks. For Wild through, the deck will be crazy. Mmmrrrggglll!

Some very crazy synergies are introduced this time around. Discard Warlock seem very strong, even if the deck itself is riddled with consistency issues. We will have an article talking about the deck itself when all the cards are released. Elementals are very interesting with their prior turn mechanic. The mechanic is fun for both players as the elemental player has to time and control their elemental minions “resource” carefully. The opponent then has to wary of every time you play an elemental and see if they can set up for next turn. Murlocs got some fun cards, and a quest to boot, so can’t complain. These reveals have gotten me very excited that the meta can change.



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