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Journey to Un’Goro – Set Review Part 5

Here are the reveals of all the cards revealed by Dean Ayala and Brian Kibler in the HCT Bahamas 2017 Winter Championship as well as two other cards reveal by other sources.

Rating System
5.0: You are always used and crucial in a top tier decks of the Standard format.
4.0: You are very prevalent seen in tops decks or crucial to certain decks.
3.0: You are sometimes seen in top decks and/or important in middle tier decks.
2.0: You might see play in some niche decks or lower tier decks.
1.0: You see little to no competitive play.
Tech: A special rating for cards that counters a certain meta and/or cards
Disclaimer: The ratings in this article is tentative as the whole set is not seen yet.

Curious Glimmerroot

curiousglimmerrootConstructed: 4
Arena: 3
Link: https://youtu.be/Qdl73nvYjrs

The design of this card is very interesting, as it tests the player’s metagame knowledge. Are you experienced in the game enough to know what card your opponent put in their deck? I wonder if the algorithm used makes the cards close in quality, or else it is going to be a very easy choice. This card is good as getting a card from your opponent’s deck is high quality as your opponent would want to play high-quality card. Getting a high-quality minion like Tirion Fordring or Lord Jaraxxus is known to swing games. In Arena, it will be hard to guess, as your opponent might not even have the best cards.

Gentle Megasaur

gentlemegasaurConstructed: 2.5
Arena: 2.5
Link: Hearthstone Facebook

Neat as a card in Menagerie deck or just a curve topper in your Murloc decks. Your one selected adaption is applied to all your Murlocs on the board. So if you managed to find the +3 adaptation, congrats, you just cast Savage Roar. In a Standard that is missing Everyfin is Awesome, this is an amazing card. Combined with the Murloc quest, there is some hope that an aggressive Murloc deck is viable in the meta.

HCT Bahamas Stream Cards:


volcanosaurConstructed: 1
Arena: 3.5

Sick art. As a top-end finisher, I don’t think this card will be powerful enough or synergize well enough with the rest of your deck. In a The Curator deck, I would only want to play a high-end cost beast that cost 8 mana so it could be on curve after curator or below so 8 mana so I have things to play before Curator. Just in an awkward spot. For arena, this card will put in work. I think the most practical choice is elusive or stealth and health and +1/+1. It is to note, all players are getting a free golden copy of this card.

Gluttonous Ooze

gluttonousoozeConstructed: Tech
Arena: 3

Another clear answer card to Pirate Warrior and to a lesser extent, Aggro Rogue. Not only do you get to destroy our opponent’s weapon regardless of charges, you gain armor to mitigate more incoming danger. Gluttonous Ooze is like a specialized Earthen Ring Farseer.

Vilespine Slayer

vilespineslayerConstructed: 4
Arena: 4.5

Destroy a minion is too strong to not to get played. You can deal with big Giants easily and Jade Golems. It is still a card that I am willing to Shadowstep and replay. Rogue is looking good if it is going to continue getting top-notch single target removal. Hopefully, there is still enough for a midrange Rogue Deck. It is really sad to not see Tomb Pillager in Standard anymore. We need another coin generators.

Mana Bind

manabindConstructed: 1
Arena: 1.5

I love Mage secrets. Even if they are expensive, they have the biggest effects. In practice, Mana Bind just copies your opponent’s last played spell. The zero cost is helpful, but you don’t have much control what you copy. Players already played against Counterspell before. So they will just play their worst spell first. I wouldn’t rate it highly because Counterspell is just a much better secret. Counterspell actually protects the few minions a secret deck tends to have. The interesting situation is if both Mana Bind and Counterspell is activated, and your opponent plays a cheap spell, will you counter the cheap spell, and still have Mana Bind up to steal your opponent’s big spell?

Mirage Caller

miragecallerConstructed: 2
Arena: 3

Of course, Ragnaros and Sylvanas are rotating out of Standard. This is an easier to use Herald Volazj. I think the card is too niche to be easily abused. The effect does combo with Deathrattle minions and the Awaken the Makers quest. Your best choices are Crystalline Oracle, and Loot Hoarder. Barnes does work to get this card more value.

Corrupting Mist

corruptingmistConstructed: 2
Arena: 2

Similar to doomsayer but is unavoidable. However, your opponent can play minions afterward and they are unaffected by the mist. This card also doesn’t prevent any damage, which might be dangerous in warlock. At least doomsayer can prevent 7 damage. Without a strong heal option, I don’t see this card being played in standard. In wild, it certainly can have applications in Renolock. It destroy all minions without dealing damage, as you have good counter to Egg Druid and random Divine Shield minions

Living Mana

Constructed: 1
Arena: 1.5

Your opponent plays Devolve or Mass Dispel and you lose the game. Too much risk. Very minor returns. You can’t follow up with Savage Roar unless you have Innervate next turn. Also when the Mana Treant dies on your turn, you get an empty mana crystal, so you can’t even use the mana right away. Also, the card will eat up unused mana as well. As seen in the VOD, on turn 10 and an empty board, you pay 5 mana and get seven 2/2s (max numbers of minions on board). While this is a good token Druid card, I imagine that Devolve will still be popular next meta. Thus this card is rated poorly.

Lost in the Jungle

lostinthejungleConstructed: 3.5
Arena: 4

Yes, you will play it. Paladin needs one drops. Also, this card works will with the new Paladin legendary, Sunkeeper Tarim. The only reason why the rating is as hesitant as a 3.5 is because the rating is affected by how well the class or deck will do in the new meta overall. There isn’t much point to just rate cards in a vacuum (for Constructed at least). Paladin still needs to show some more amazing cards, especially when this card, doesn’t work well in handbuff decks that the last expansion introduced. In wild. I just want to play a full Token paladin with Quartermaster again.

Molten Blade

moltenbladeConstructed: 1
Arena: 2

Random weapon from any class just like Shifter Zerus. Well, the bad weapon pool is smaller, it is too inconsistent for constructed. Good to in a Tolden video for sure. For Arena, weapons are highly prized, but this card does have the drawback, that is just a 1/1 when drawn.

The Marsh Queen

Constructed: 3
Arena: 1

Ha. So looks like Tol’vir Warden has some use after all. I love this card that makes you question how many useful 1 mana minions are there. How can I min/max the quality of minions I have? Do I need to play about 10+ 1 cost minions, or do I only need the bare 7? I envision the one minion line up as Fire Fly (two one drops), Abusive Sergent, Argent Squire, Timber Wolves (buff the raptors).

First off, the Queen is an 8/8 for 5 mana. I will take it. Next, with 15 raptors in your deck, you get more than 50% chances to draw a 3/2. Thankfully, they draw you another card as well. With such a swarm of minions, it is hard for your opponent to deal with them. This could lead to a Midrange-combo hunter. This card combos very well with Tundra Rhino and Starving Buzzard. With ten mana, you can play Tundra Rhino and 5 raptors for 15 damage. Savage Roar + Force of Nature anyone? Also, this quest doesn’t have to be complete right away. You can wait till you have the combo pieces ready.

Overall, I don’t think this is a great competitive deck. It will be fun for sure. Dinosaurs are cool as hell. But the issue is that this deck is the variance of its strength between not completing a quest, and completing the quest. If you can’t line up the right cards, you are just playing a flop one mana cards and be beaten down.

I am super excited by the new card released in the stream. Blizzard is really embracing the digital element of the game, in cards like Queen Carnassa and the Curious Glimmerroot. Be sure to check out more of the HCT Bahamas 2017 Winter Championship over this weekend.



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