Hearthstone, Set Review

Journey to Un’Goro – Set Review Part 6

This will be the last review part before we have the grand card dump of the rest of the cards tomorrow in the last review stream with Ben Brode and Frodan. Reveal Stream

Rating System
5.0: You are always used and crucial in a top tier decks of the Standard format.
4.0: You are very prevalent seen in tops decks or crucial to certain decks.
3.0: You are sometimes seen in top decks and/or important in middle tier decks.
2.0: You might see play in some niche decks or lower tier decks.
1.0: You see little to no competitive play.
Tech: A special rating for cards that counters a certain meta and/or cards
Disclaimer: The ratings in this article is tentative as the whole set is not seen yet.

Crackling Razormaw

cracklingrazormawConstructed: 3.5
Arena: 3.5
Link: http://www.gosugamers.net/hearthstone/news/43802-gosugamers-exclusive-card-reveal-crackling-razormaw

The adaption ability on a friendly beast is very powerful especially when Crackling Razormaw isn’t losing any stats on an aggressive two mana minion. Adaptation can be very versatile. On curve, Crackling Razormaw is a strong follow up to the 1 mana Alleycat. The +3 attack or the Poisonous traits works well on the token. The power of the battlecry only scales as the game goes on. Placing a Divine Shield or can’t be targeted by spells or hero powers on a large beast like Savanna Highmane will make it very hard to get rid of. In Arena, it can only go up as you draft more and more beast.

Terrorscale Stalker

terrorscalestalkerConstructed: 3
Arena: 3.5
Link: https://youtu.be/b2PMKa0OfUs

Yup, it is a smaller Princess Huhuran. While the Princess not been played much, the battlecry effect does synergize well the many Hunter deathrattles minions (Pack Rat, Savanna Highmane). On curve, it is very powerful with Kindly Grandmother and Fiery Bat. Also with Adapt, minions can obtain a deathrattle, with the Living Spores (Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants) adaptions.

Raptor Hatching

Constructed: 2

Arena: 1
Link: https://gnn.gamer.com.tw/0/145100.html

A 2/1 beast is not good. Murloc Raider never gets played even in Murloc decks. You do put a 4/3 in your deck but you might never run it. Yes, you will probably see it in the Hunter quest, The Marsh Queen’s deck with Tol’vir Warden.

King Mosh

kingmoshConstructed: 4
Arena: 5
Link: http://www.4gamer.net/games/209/G020915/20170322030/

Obvious combination with Whirlwind, that creates a 10 mana board clear. Without with that you can trade in your minions or use weapons and other spells, like Inner Rage to make a one-sided board wipe. In Wild, where Death’s Bite exist, King Mosh would be an extremely consistent removal option. This card certainly has a spot in Control Warrior. Against the Jade Druid, King Mosh can potentially remove a field of Jade Golems and remain on board for some fearsome burst damage. The popularity of the card hinges on how many answers exist against Jade Druid in the meta.

Thunder Lizard

thunderlizardConstructed: 1
Arena: 2.5
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20659256/hearthside-chat-adapt-in-ungoro-with-dean-ayala-3-27-2017

Unlikely there will be any deck that uses a mixture of elementals and beasts. The beast synergized classes (Druid and Hunter) aren’t the elemental synergized classes (Shaman and Mage). The Glacial Shard might be ran in aggressive Hunter decks, but there isn’t enough elementals warrant running Thunder Lizard. In Arena, you might get the trigger now and then. It would be a strong swing when you do.

Lightfused Stegodon

lightfusedstegodonConstructed: 3
Arena: 3
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20659256/hearthside-chat-adapt-in-ungoro-with-dean-ayala-3-27-2017

Poor stats for a 4 cost minion and it is in the crowded 4 cost slot for Paladin. Yet, with both Murloc Knight and Keeper of Uldaman rotating out of Standard, there is now space for this dino. You pick one adaption and that adaption gets apply to all your silver hand recruits. So all your recruits can get +3 attack or deathrattle: summon 2 1/1 plants. It plays well with Lost in the Jungle from the set. In Wild, we can now curve Muster for Battle into Lightfused into Quartermaster.

Hemet, Jungle Hunter

hemetjunglehunterConstructed: 1.5
Arena: 3
Link: https://youtu.be/AAaoo_v1To0

A curious effect. So why do you want to destroy a chunk of your deck? So that you can ensure that you draw your powerful cards in the late game. This is a real cost through as some of the best spells is 3 mana or lower (Eviscerate, Innervate, Shield Slam, Soulfire, Equality). One of the best uses of the card is in Ramp Druid. Ramp Druid uses a lot of cheap cards like Wrath and Wild Growth in early game but they aren’t very needed in the late game. So Hemet can ensure you are dropping big threats one after another. Pure Ramp Druid, however, has been seen much since the early days of Hearthstone. Druid has ran other decks Double FoN+Savage Roar Combo Druid, Midrange Druid, and Jade Druid instead. While Hemet has an interesting effect, I don’t believe that this effect is enough to build an entire deck around. It is hard to be building an entire deck around a single copy of a legendary (Reno Jackson is on totally different power level and reward). It can make a gimmicky deck, but not going be competitive.


blazecallerConstructed: 4.5
Arena: 3
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20659255/e-malones-expedition-journal-week-four-3-28-2017

Elementals are shaping up to be a powerful tribe. They seem to be taking the Dragon’s archetypal place as the midrange and control deck. Blazecaller, when activated, can create large tempo swings. Imagine a Firelands Portal, which always summon a 6/6. As for turn 6 elementals, Shaman already have the powerful Fire Elemental. Blazecaller also come late enough in the game that you can plan to hold an elemental to play on turn 6. As an added bonus, Blazecaller might also curve into activating Kalimos, Primal Lord.

Servant of Kalimos

servantkalimosConstructed: 4.5
Arena: 3
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20659255/e-malones-expedition-journal-week-four-3-28-2017

Servant of Kalimos is as key to an elemental deck, as Netherspite Librarian and Twilight Guardian. Not only can it net you another elemental to try triggering your elemental effects, but the Servant is an elemental itself. Servant of Kalimos is going to see play in Shaman Elemental decks. Being able to get another Kalimos off of the Discover is a huge value gain. In the arena, the elementals have a huge variance. Without being able to trigger their abilities consistently, they are just weak stated minions.

Ravenous Pterrordax

ravenouspterrordaxConstructed: 4
Arena: 3
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20659255/e-malones-expedition-journal-week-four-3-28-2017

For meme lovers, yes you can make a 4 mana 7/7 in Warlock, if you pick both the +3 attack and +3 health options. Adapting twice gives a pretty good chance to get the adaption that you want. This card would only get better if there are many tokens generators in Standard. Imp Gang Boss is rotating out of Standard, but Possessed Villager and Forbidden Ritual are still great cards. Perhaps Zoo can make a comeback with this.


tyrantusConstructed: 1
Arena: 3
Link: http://www.techbook.de/gaming/hearthstone-erweiterung-reise-nach-ungoro-blizzard-neue-karte

A late game card has to win the game for you or have an immediate effect. Tyrantus can do this for you, but it has to wait one turn. And while, untargetable by spells or Hero Powers, is a good protection ability, it is not unstoppable. For example, Rogue has the new Vilespine Slayer, Shaman can still use Devolve, Kazakus Potion still exist, and Aldor Peacekeeper is a good answer for Paladins. Tyrantus will be run in Ramp decks, but when you compare Tyrantus to the 10 mana Old Gods, the Old Gods are just better win conditions.


stegodonConstructed: 1
Arena: 3
Link: Hearthstone Facebook Album

An Oasis Snapjaw that trade one health for Taunt, which does make it a lot better. But there is a gap between this card and Sen’jin Shieldmasta in the attack stat. There are 105 minions with 3 health, but only 93 minions with 2 health in Standard, but of course this is only standard as of now, and not factoring what minions are actually played in the meta. Stegodon is just an arena card.

Spikeridged Steed

spikeridgedsteedConstructed: 3
Arena: 4
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20659254/hearthside-chat-the-art-of-journey-to-ungoro-3-29-2017

The fact that this buff actually leaves behind a body is very strong. If you look at the mana cost, it is easy to see that you get a lot of bang for your buck. With the Paladin’s Hero Power, it is 8 mana 3/7 Taunt w/ Deathrattle; Summon a 2/6 Taunt Beast. Just that makes this card appealing to play. Having a Taunt on the minions buffed forces it to be answered and once it is answered, you get another 2/6 Taunt. Sludge Belcher has already soon us that taunt deathrattles are very appealing. However this buff can be pushed out of the meta, if the number of bounce effects and silences increases.

Tortollan Primalist

tortollanprimalistConstructed: 2
Arena: 2
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20659254/hearthside-chat-the-art-of-journey-to-ungoro-3-29-2017

Yes, it looks very overcosted, for a random effect that can backfire on you. Servant of Yogg-Saron was a terrible card even though it had the standard 5 mana stat line. But Tortollan Primalist’s effect is a Discover allowing you to pick an effect isn’t effect by random targeted. These spell effects are card draw (Arcane Intellect), summon minions (Call of the Wild), board clear (Flamestrike) and secrets (Mirror Image). It seems like a good card in Reno Mage, but I don’t think Reno Mage would be a great deck, without any healing.

Cornered Sentry

corneredsentryConstructed: 1.5
Arena: 2
Link: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20659254/hearthside-chat-the-art-of-journey-to-ungoro-3-29-2017

Giving your opponent minions is never a good idea. On a base case, your opponent trades all the Raptors in and get a 2/3 with Taunt. Not really impressive. If your opponent can buff the 1/1s in any way, this card loses its advantages. So you can combo this card with other cards like Brawl and Whirlwind. But the fact that it is only passable when in combinations with other spells, and mediocre by itself, gives Cornered Sentry a poor score. Unless Taunt Warrior gets more payoffs, like a Taunt Quest maybe.

Ravasaur Runt

ravasaurruntConstructed: 1
Arena: 1.5
Link: http://www.levelup.com/noticias/416018/Revelamos-en-exclusiva-una-nueva-carta-de-Hearthstone-Viaje-a-Un-Goro

Without an adaption, a 2/2 minion for 2 is unplayable. It is literally a worse Enchanted Raven. Getting the adaptation to trigger on curve is questionable if you don’t have the right one drops, like a pirate for Patches, or Alley Cat. And even when you get the adaption, you might just be get a 3/3, or a 5/2, or a 2/2 with Windfury. Just getting a 2 or 3 mana card situationally isn’t that great.

The Last Kaleidosaur

Constructed: 1.5
Arena: 1
Link: http://www.hearthhead.com/news/the-last-kaleidosaur-exclusive-journey-to-ungoro-card-reveal

So Paladin does have the most self-buff spells. However without a dedicated stealth minion, it is very hard to be playing 6 buffs a game. Most decks don’t allocate 6 slots for buffs spells. Also by the time you caused 6 buffs spells, you probably should have won the game already because your minions should be huge.

So if you couldn’t finish the game after 6 buffs, you get very a versatile minion. You can make a huge, untargetable by spell and hero power taunt or a stealth windfury finisher. But it is still all your reward packed into one card. No matter how powerful your Galvadon is, it can still be silenced or removed by monster effects (eg Spellbreaker and the new VilespineSlayer).

Elementals received strong support. Shaman looks set on a good midrange and control deck with elemental synergy and Jade support. Perhaps Zoolock can return into the meta. Hunters gets some love.  Paladin  not so much. But there is just about another 70 cards to see in the last review stream. Don’t miss it!




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